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Inbox Optimisation - Optimise the email preview text

By Team equinux Plain Text, Preview your Design

Inbox optimisation is a valuable tool designed to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of your email campaigns by providing a glimpse of the email content within the recipient's inbox. This feature allows you to strategically display a brief, engaging snippet of text that complements your email subject line. By leveraging this capability, you can significantly increase the likelihood of recipients opening and engaging with your emails.

How to use:

  1. Once your newsletter is finished, click on the Inbox Preview Icon on the left side
  2. A small window will open, allowing you to edit your Subject line and the Preview Text that will be displayed in the enduser's inbox
  3. You can preview the finished text for both phone and Smartwatch to make sure your content has the optimal length

Creating a plain text version of your design

By Plain Text

Plain Text

Some email clients will, by default, display your message without images or formatted text. This plain text version of your template can also be edited with Mail Designer 365. To do so, open the plain text preview by clicking the watch button.

You will now see a version of your template that you can edit for users who have disable HTML emails. This is ideal for older versions of the Apple Watch and individuals who choose to only receive emails in plain text form - no rich text, no formatting. 

You will notice that this version is automatically in sync with the desktop version from the label on the right side that says "IN SYNC WITH DESKTOP."

Click into the text box and you will receive a notification about detaching the plain text version from the desktop version:

Click "Detach" to start editing the plain text version. You will notice that the label on the right side will state "DETACHED PLAIN TEXT."

At any time you can switch back to the state of the desktop version by clicking "Revert to Desktop Version."



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