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Send emails from within the app
Just need to quickly resend that portfolio to your top customers, shoot some birthday greetings, or fire off a transactional email? You can do it all directly from the Mail Designer 365 app.
What is the difference between sending emails with Campaigns and Direct Mail?
Campaigns allow you to send newsletters to large audiences from any device, including mobile. Direct Mail is for sending emails to a few hand-picked contacts, like birthday greetings, personal offers, and transactional emails, directly from the Mail Designer app on your Mac.
Start exploring Direct Mail now
The Direct Mail feature works with every plan. We’ve also provided you with a fair amount of Email Stamps – so you can start trying Direct Mail right away!

Why Mail Designer 365?
Everything you need for creating the best possible email designs on your Mac.

HTML email made easy

• 250+ HTML email templates
• WYSIWYG design editor
• No coding skills required

Responsive email design

• Automatic mobile layout
• Preview for all devices
• Test send to your device

Made for macOS

• Native, stable Mac app
• Runs on Intel & Apple Chips
• Dark Mode Support

Direct Mail & Campaigns

• Send emails from within the app
• Newsletters from the web
• Post campaign analytics

Try Mail Designer 365 free today

No credit card required
Compatible from macOS 10.13 onwards
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