Grouping design elements

Why group design elements together?

Grouping elements together makes it easier to simultaneously move the objects that belong together within your email.

To group elements together

Drag across two or more elements to select them together and then click “Group” from the bottom of the sidebar.

Or hold the command key and click on the objects you want to group. After you select all of your desired objects, then click “Group.”

Grouping example

Here we’ve selected 3 elements: the “Sale” text, the description, and price and the strikethrough line:

You can now move the elements around together. All of the elements will be treated as a single element, making it much easier to move them:

Ungroup the included text objects

Several of the text objects that we include are images and text objects grouped together. You can ungroup these for greater control over the look of a certain element – just click “Ungroup” from the sidebar:


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