Resizing objects

Editing objects

Mail Designer 365 allows you to manipulate your graphics and shapes in multiple ways.

Resizing an object

You can resize and adjust graphics using the resize controls. Click a graphic to see the resize controls.

Then drag the graphic to the size you would like it to be.

Resizing from the center

If you hold down the option key while resizing a graphic, it will be re- sized evenly from the center (i.e. it will be resized in from the edge you’re dragging as well as from the opposite edge).

Resizing without constraining proportions

Ordinarily, Mail Designer 365 preserves the proportions of a graphic when you resize it. However, you can also optionally choose to disregard the proportions while resizing.

Click and hold the resize controls of a graphic or image and press now the Command key to resize the graphic without preserving its proportions.



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