Combining design elements

You can create interesting effects by combining multiple design elements. With Mail Designer 365, you are able to arrange objects in layers. This means that you can stack objects on top of each other for eye-catching designs.

Easily create graphic combinations

Let’s say we have a big sales event on July 16th that we want to announce. We can highlight that date visually by combining the calendar text element with a graphic element. Mail Designer 365 makes highlighting specific dates easy!

Drag in the July Calendar text object in an image area:

Now go to the graphics. Drag the black marker circle onto the calendar:

Finally, grab the black circle by the orange adjustment handles, resize it, and then click and drag it into position over July 16th.

Perfect! A great visual reminder to let customers know to check out the event on July 16th!Have fun with combining different graphic elements.

Regardless of what combinations you want to create, remember to drag in the elements in an image area!



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