Open the preview window

Open the preview window

Preview your design

After you optimize your design for mobile devices, it's time to check the preview. We can now preview the result for multiple devices right within Mail Designer 365. This handy feature removes the need of sending preview emails to your own devices.

Open the preview window

Clicking one of the mobile preview buttons in the toolbar will open an additional window where you can see the mobile version of your design as it would appear on an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

Click this icon:

You will see a drop-down menu. As you can see, you have many preview options:



From the top of the preview window, you can choose from a variety of preview devices:

You can also change the zoom factor for the preview window:

Move your cursor on the iPhone’s display in order to scroll through your message.

For rotation, click the little rotate icon:

As you can see, it will rotate the iPhone into landscape mode.



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