Send on-demand emails directly from FileMaker
Regularly sending booking confirmations, quotes, invoices? Mail Designer 365 easily integrates with your FileMaker database for fully personalized emails.

See the Mail Designer 365 API for FileMaker in action:

Email integration for FileMaker
Whether you're a FileMaker expert or just learning the ropes, Mail Designer 365's API makes it easier than ever for you to build flawlessly designed transactional email templates and send them directly from your FileMaker database.
Browse some of our example database scenarios and see how you could start using the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker integration for your business.
To get started, launch the free interactive demo on your Mac in FileMaker Pro or on iOS in FileMaker Go.

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Send transactional emails: How it works
Transactional emails are an integral part of everyday operations for businesses of all shapes and sizes – whether you're sending custom quotes, appointment confirmations, invoices, etc.
Looking for a convenient transactional email solution to use with your FileMaker database? Mail Designer 365 perfectly complements your everyday FileMaker workflow, thanks to seamless integration and an easy to use API.
1. Design your email template
Use Mail Designer 365 for Mac to create stylish email templates that are true to your brand and look good on all devices.
Start from scratch or choose from one of many ready-to-send Design Ideas, then insert placeholders to correspond with the fields in your FileMaker database.
2. Prepare the send script
Template ready? You can now instruct FileMaker to send it on-demand – with a little help from the powerful Mail Designer 365 API:
  • Utilise your Mail Designer 365 Design Ideas to use with FileMaker
  • Autofill email placeholders with your existing FileMaker variables
  • Send emails via Mail Designer 365 Delivery Hub servers from your own email domain
3. Send emails on demand!
And just like that, everything is in place for you to begin sending personalized transactional emails to your customers using Mail Designer 365 and FileMaker.
Add a send button to your FileMaker layout using the send script we set up in the previous step:
Now, each time you create a new record (e.g. a new client, booking, enquiry, etc.), you can also send out custom email content in just one click.

Who can use it?
Mail Designer 365's FileMaker integration lends itself to a wide range of use cases and is well suited to anyone who needs to regularly send on-demand, transactional style emails for their business.
Below are some real world industry examples of how Mail Designer can be fully integrated into your everyday FileMaker workflow.

Mail Designer 365 FileMaker Integration – FAQs
What is the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker Integration API?
Regularly sending booking confirmations, quotes, invoices, welcome emails? Use the API to seamlessly integrate Mail Designer 365 with your FileMaker database and send flawlessly designed transactional email templates to customers, clients, and staff – directly from FileMaker.
When will the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker Integration API be available?
The API will be rolling out publicly in spring 2024. Register here for first access!
How does the integration work with FileMaker?
Create a FileMaker string with all your existing database variables so they correspond with the placeholders in your Mail Designer 365 template. Then, relay these to the FileMaker send script (cURL-based) to enable one-click emails directly from your records. It's that easy!
What kind of Mail Designer 365 license do I need for the FileMaker Integration API?
We are working on the finishing touches for a new Mail Designer license for all users interested in using the FileMaker Integration. Existing users will be able to cross-upgrade.
Can I already test the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker Integration API?
You sure can! Our live demo gives you a sneak peek of the FileMaker integration in action.
Does the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker Integration API work on iPhone and iPad?
You can try out the integration in the FileMaker Go iOS app to send emails using your iPhone or iPad.
Which FileMaker versions can I use the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker API with?
The API integration was developed for the latest FileMaker version, FileMaker Pro 23, and is also compatible with older FileMaker versions from FileMaker 12 onwards, as well as with the FileMaker Go iOS app.
Which kinds of emails can I send using the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker Integration API?
The API is super versatile and lends itself to a number of professional use cases. If you are regularly sending transactional emails such as order confirmations, reservation details, welcome emails, appointment reminders, invoices, quotes, portfolios, etc., you can easily utilise the Mail Designer 365 FileMaker API to save time and send beautifully designed emails directly from your FileMaker database.
Can I use image placeholders in Mail Designer 365?
Currently, the API only supports text placeholders. Image placeholders are on our roadmap for a future release.

Why Mail Designer 365?
  • Drag & drop to create: Powerful yet intuitive WYSIWYG editor
  • Explore a growing library of ready-to-send email design ideas
  • Responsive email designs that look great on all devices
  • Define custom placeholders that seamlessly integrate with your FileMaker database
  • Made for Mac lovers: Native Mac app, compatible with the latest macOS versions