Mail Designer 365 News section

Access what’s new with Mail Designer 365

When you open Mail Designer 365, you have the option of choosing “News” on the left hand side.

Go ahead and click on “News.”

When click on News, you have access to insider tips created by the Mail Designer 365 team.

Click on “DESIGN INSPIRATION” to check out exquisite email designs to get you inspired!

Click on “FEATURED FONTS” for font inspirations.

Click on “PRODUCTIVITY” for tips on how to utilize Mail Designer 365’s tools to improve the effectiveness of your email designs

Click on “QUICK TIPS” for fast ways you can improve the content and style of your email designs.

Click on “WHAT’S NEW” to find out what’s new with Mail Designer 365.



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Working with Text
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Creative Tools
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Blend Modes
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Optimizing your Template for Mobile
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The Inbox View
Using Retina Images with your Design
Preparing your Design for Sending
Setting Up Mail Designer 365 for Sending
Send via Mail Designer 365
Advanced Design Techniques
Sharing your Designs
HTML Export
Exporting a Design to MailChimp
Exporting a Design to Campaign Monitor
Appendix: Compatibility
Appendix: Keyboard Shortcuts