Adding background colors and textures to your mails

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Email backgrounds add to the aesthetic feel to any newsletters.

Do your emails need a boost of life? Do you want to improve how you communicate to your target audience? Let Mail Designer help!

Changing the little things can make a great impact.

Mail Designer offers a variety of possibilities for adding background colors and textures to your emails.

Paint Roller

To add a background color or texture, click on the paint roller symbol on the bottom left.

With this tool, you can individually arrange the background as well as the inner area of your layout.


Click the texture symbol. You can now choose from a variety of textures. Drag your chosen texture into the main background or the inner area of your layout to change it.

Paint Palette

The paint bucket symbol opens your paint palette for changing the colors of the areas. You can also add your own pictures or textures to the background of the layout blocks to create really cool surface effects.

Transparent background

You can always delete the backgrounds of the individual layout blocks, keeping them transparent. Just click on the background of an individual layout block to change the background of the text block.

Highlighting individual areas

There are layout blocks for notes and info boxes, where you can highlight individual areas. Drag a layout block with a separate column background into your newsletter. Feel free to give your info box whatever colour you want.


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