Working with image areas

Image areas

Image areas can contain images, photos, shapes, masks and styled text – so you can really let your creativity flow.

You can distinguish which areas are image areas – they are the ones in blue:

You can drag a multitude of different elements into the image areas of your email newsletter. Mail Designer 365 will highlight those areas in white to show where you can drop images into.


For example, you can drag and drop buttons into image areas:

You can also drag and drop basic shapes into image areas:



How about business networks icons? Yes, you can drag and drop those too into image areas:

You can even drag and drop downloadable file graphics into image areas:

Don’t forget about animated graphics! You can drag and drop your  GIF files into the image areas:

What about for photo effects? You can try dragging and dropping image masks into image areas:

Then, you can drag and drop an image into the image mask:

The end result is a cool image effect to spice up your newsletter:

Other things you can drag and drop directly into image areas are texts objects, video placeholders, background images, combined shapes, attention grabbers, banners, dividers, etc. Image areas are very flexible when it comes to what you can do with it.



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