MailChimp editing and compatibility


MailChimp also offers an online editing tool. However, it is usually easier to use Mail Designer 365 for all editing. You can also upload your email template when you finish designing it.

Just be sure to export your edited template with a new name. Remember, Mail Designer 365 can’t overwrite templates already uploaded to MailChimp.


When Mail Designer 365 documents are exported to MailChimp, the HTML formatting is reinterpreted by MailChimp’s HTML engine. But don’t worry, we have tested compatibility thoroughly. We have strived to ensure that designs are exported as accurately as possible.

It is possible that you may see some minor discrepancies with regards to the exact flow and formatting of your text. For example, a paragraph may take up four lines of text instead of three. Sometimes, MailChimp’s editing preview can also display things slightly differently.

For a more precise preview, use MailChimp’s Preview feature. Another option is to send yourself a test message through MailChimp. You can do this once you designing your campaign but before sending it to your recipients.

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