25 Fun Email Content Ideas to Try Out this Summer

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Summer can be a challenging time for email marketers. After the influx of major holidays throughout the spring, it may be hard to find interesting subject matter for your summer email campaigns – especially if mentally you’re lying on a beach with a mojito (definitely not us.)

This year (2022), the official astronomical summer season in the Northern Hemisphere runs from 21st June through to 23rd September. This still gives you plenty of time to map out a summer email strategy.

To help lighten the load, we’ve compiled a list of 25 newsletter ideas that you can browse through to find inspiration for your summer emails – including some top class examples of real life campaigns. With ideas ranging from major holidays to out-of-the box events and even some unheard of gems, there’s bound to be an “aha!” moment here that motivates you to kickstart your next campaign.

Remember, it’s down to you to assess which of these ideas could be relevant to your target audience. However, with a little creativity, one small campaign idea can go a long way! Let’s get started!

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25 ideas for summer email campaigns

1st July, Canada Day (Canada)

To kick things off, we’ve got Canada’s national holiday on July 1st. This is a great sales opportunity if you have a customer base in Canada and can also be a fun theme for a regular newsletter outside of Canada – e.g. Canadian cuisine and recipes, popular Canadian movies, travel tips in and around Canada…

Canada day email campaign

4th July, Independence Day (USA)

The Fourth of July is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in the USA – taking place at the height of summer. Many businesses take this opportunity to design an attractive promotion or launch a sale for this major holiday. Here are our top tips.
happy 4th of July html email template

Happy 4th of July email template in Mail Designer 365

10th July, Eid al-Adha (Islam)

Eid al-Adha is the second of the major Islamic festivals to take place in the year and a huge occasion for Muslims worldwide. Consider sending out an email greeting or starting a promotion if relevant to your audience.

html email design for Eid al-adha

Eid al-Adha template in Mail Designer 365

14th July, Bastille Day (France)

Bastille Day is the national day of France and is celebrated by people all across the world – often with fireworks and music. This is also a unique occasion to hold an event or launch a sale – especially if you have a large French customer base. If relevant to your business, you could also give a nod to some classic aspects of French culture, like the French cuisine, fashion, or significant historical events.

17th July, World Emoji Day

Can you imagine a world without emojis? Today is a chance to go all out with your email designs and add some color and flair.

24th July, World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

While Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both widely celebrated, World Day for Grandparents often receives less attention. Think outside the box and use this occasion to put together a gift guide or dedicated promotion.

30th July, International Friendship Day 

For International Friendship Day, why not promote fun activities for friends to do together? Alternatively, a 2 for 1 offer could also be a great campaign to encourage sharing and spending time together.

5th August, International Beer Day

Cheers! Nothing unites a group of people like a nice cold beer. This is a great occasion for pubs, bars and restaurants to be aware of on their marketing calendar.

tgi Fridays email campaign for international beer day

8th August, International Cat Day

Thinking of a fun way to incorporate cats into an email campaign would certainly be an a-mew-sing way to celebrate International Cat Day with your subscribers: Come up with a cat-based design or punny slogan, show off your team’s feline friends, support a cat protection charity, or maybe share a funny cat video.

13th August, International Left-handers Day 

This is quite an obscure event but has all the potential to be a really fun topic for a campaign!

15th August, Independence Day (India)

As one of the world’s largest populations, today is a great day to celebrate the rich Indian culture: Including delicious food, history, dance, cinema, music, or travel tips.

19th August, World Photography Day

Ideas include showcasing poignant photos from history, recommending readers a prime location for stunning snaps, sharing photography tips, or holding a photography competition…

23rd August, International Day for the Remembrance of Slave Trade and Its Abolition

This is a more serious occasion but of great importance. This provides your business with an opportunity to demonstrate your core values and use email as a platform to raise awareness for an important cause.

26th August, International Dog Day

Dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best friend so why not celebrate our four-legged companions this summer? Showcase some of your team’s dogs in a fun campaign or show support for a dog-loving charity. The possibilities are endless!

26th August, Women’s Equality Day (USA)

Women’s Equality Day celebrates women receiving the right to vote in the USA – an important step forward for the feminist movement.

email template for women's equality day

Mail Designer 365 Email Template for Women’s Equality Day

27th – 29th August, Notting Hill Carnival (UK)

London’s annual Notting Hill Carnival celebrations attract thousands of colorfully dressed visitors each year and, as Europe’s largest carnival, certainly gets everyone in the party mood. Can you reflect this in your campaigns?

31st August, Eat Outside Day

Calling all restaurants: Promote your outdoor facilities this “Eat Outside Day” and encourage your customers to come along and dine al fresco!

5th September, Labor Day (USA)

In the USA, Labor Day is the last big holiday of the summer. Most businesses celebrate big with a sale or promotion and it’s also a popular time to take one last summer vacation.

HTML email template for Labor Day sales

Labor Day Sale email template in Mail Designer 365

5th September, International Day of Charity

Email marketing is a powerful tool for charities. Whether you are a non profit organisation or want to show support for a charity of your choice, this is a great day for a charitable campaign.

8th September, International Literacy Day

This UNESCO awareness day focuses on the importance of literacy and reading worldwide.

13th September, World Chocolate Day

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This is a no-brainer for any businesses in the food industry but maybe there is another creative way you can tie the sweet chocolate theme into your campaigns? We’re hungry already!

World Chocolate Day email campaign by Thorntons

World Chocolate Day email campaign by Thorntons

13th September, World Programmer’s Day

This could be a great occasion for software companies to launch a special offer or promotion.

16th September, Mexican Independence Day

Got a large Mexican customer base? Send out a colorful celebratory email to recognise this important day. If not, there are many other ways you can celebrate the Mexican culture in your email campaigns like sharing some recipes, travel tips or interesting facts from history.

21st September, World Gratitude Day 

Say a big thank you to your customers on World Gratitude Day with a sale or special promotion.

23rd September, Autumnal Equinox

The official end of summer! This is a great opportunity to launch a fall collection or new autumn-inspired menu.

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What’s New in Mail in macOS 13 Ventura?

By Mail Designer 365 Blog
Apple have just announced brand new macOS 13 Ventura and it is set to introduce some major new features to the Mac when it’s released this Fall. Among these features is an exciting new feature-set for their native Mail app.

Following on from last year’s introduction of Mail Privacy Protection to the Mac, Apple have spruced up Mail even more under macOS Ventura. The new Mail features are set to vastly improve email productivity and even serve as a potential lifeline against email fails – if you’re fast enough!

new mail features in macOS Ventura

Discover all the new Mail features coming to macOS 13 Ventura below.

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LGBTQ+ rainbow flag

LGBTQ Pride Month Email Templates – Ideas and Inspiration

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June is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start considering your LGBTQ Pride Month email campaigns!

The Pride movement is one of great significance in the US as well as all over the world. In this guide, we will take you through the basics of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, including great examples of email templates for LGBTQ Pride and creative campaign ideas.

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What is LGBTQ Pride and why do we celebrate it?

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is an annual event taking place every year throughout the month of June. Like all international Pride events, this month celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and aims to promote equality and raise awareness of challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals across the world.

Why is LGBTQ Pride Month in June?

In the USA, Pride Month is celebrated in June. This is to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of June 1969 – a prominent turning point in LGBTQ history which paved the way for the gay rights movement across the world.

Although LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated in June in the US, many other countries also have their own dedicated Pride events throughout the year.

What should my business do for LGBTQ Pride Month?

As a business, showing your support for the Pride celebrations in your country is a great way to demonstrate inclusivity and a positive working environment for both staff and customers.

Alongside social media, email is also a great channel to use to support LGBTQ Pride. Many businesses spend time creating meaningful email campaigns to either promote a Pride event, spotlight important charities or show solidarity with their LGBTQ+ community.

Email Template Inspiration for LGBTQ Pride Month

LGBTQ Pride is most famously associated with the rainbow motif. The colors of the rainbow are representative of the diversity within the LGBTQ+ community and the symbol is frequently included in Pride Month email templates and other campaign materials.

LGBTQ+ rainbow flag

Other important elements of an effective Pride campaign may include:

  • Words of support for LGBTQ+ staff and customers
  • Promotion of LGBTQ+ charities
  • Special events like parades and festivals
  • Dedicated product launches
  • Information and awareness about issues in your local community

Here are some bold and colorful examples of Pride Month email templates which you can use as inspiration for your own campaigns.


LGBTQ pride email by Spotify

Spotify take the rainbow theme seriously in this color-overload email design that perfectly captures the vibrant nature of the occasion.

Uber Eats

pride email design by uber eats

This campaign by Uber Eats is more serious and highlights what the company are doing to promote equal rights for all their employees and customers as well as what they wish to improve on.


LGBTQ pride event email by YouTube

Events play a large part in Pride Month celebrations and in recent years, these have been both virtual and in person. YouTube’s example of an exciting Pride event invitation is a lot of fun and helps get the recipient in the mood for a celebration.


pride email campaign by tripadvisor

In this email campaign, travel giants Tripadvisor use their platform to promote upcoming LGBTQ Pride events around the world. They also take the time to include some of the history of the Pride movement.

New Look

LGBTQ pride email campaign by new look

LGBTQ pride email campaign by new look

In this special Pride campaign, New Look shared the stories of LGBTQ individuals within their organisation to promote inclusivity.

Dr Martens

The Dr Martens team also incorporate the rainbow theme in this charity-focused email campaign, shining the spotlight on LGBTQ+ charities.


Goodreads used their platform to highlight books that are particularly relevant for the LGBTQ+ community and therefore perfect for Pride Month.


LGBTQ pride email campaign by reebok

In recent years, many retailers have chosen to launch a themed Pride collection for LGBTQ+ Pride Month – often with the proceeds going to charity. Reebok have taken a similar stance in this rainbow themed campaign.


pride email by canva

Web designers Canva curated a Pride themed collection of templates which they showcased in this colorful email.

Creating LGBTQ+ Pride Month email templates in Mail Designer 365

We hope you’re inspired and ready to start working on your email campaigns for LGBTQ Pride Month.

In need of some more inspiration? Mail Designer 365 offers a diverse collection of Pride themed email templates – perfect for a bold event invitation or a meaningful show of solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community.

You can try out all of these tips and Design Ideas in Mail Designer 365. Download the app for free today and see what you can create.

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Top tips for Easter email marketing

Easter Email Campaign: How to Egg-cel at Email Marketing this Easter

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As one of the biggest holidays of the year, Easter creates the perfect opportunity for your business to do something special. Creating an Easter email campaign is one great way in which you can get involved in the seasonal fun this year.

Designing an email template to use for your Easter email campaign is super fun, but with so many businesses competing, you want to make sure your campaign stands out to your customers.

Here are some of our top tips how you can egg-cel (we think we’re funny) at email marketing this Easter season, plus some awesome examples of previous Easter campaigns…

Tips for Your Easter Email Campaign

Try out a new color scheme

With Easter falling in the middle of spring, it’s fun to change things up in your email design and opt for a bright, fresh new color scheme.

Typically, pastel colors are popular at this time of the year and really give your design a springtime feeling. Experiment with different background colors, or just a subtle pop of color in your headline or CTA (call-to-action) buttons.

Bright orange and yellow tones are also typical in many Easter-themed designs. Again, if you want to keep things simple, you can use these colors as an eye-catcher to help highlight important aspects in your design.

Yellow and orange Easter email campaign by J Crew

J Crew go all out with colors in this bold Easter-themed design.

Easter email design by B + C

This design by B + C shop keeps it more simple and uses yellow to highlight headlines and important text.

Include typical Easter themes

Lambs, the Easter Bunny, small chicks, Easter eggs, etc; these are all traditionally associated with the start of spring and the Easter celebration. Incorporating some of these symbols into your email design will help make the Easter theme clear from the get go.

Easter email by Sunuva

Sunuva use a sweet bunny/Easter egg combination as their feature image in this Easter email campaign.

Tip: Check out Unsplash to find a huge range of license-free stock images to use in seasonal email designs. Mail Designer 365 offers direct Unsplash integration in the app, so you can browse our curated collection, or use the search feature to find exactly what you need:

Searching for Easter stock images in Unsplash

Use Unsplash integration in Mail Designer 365 to search for relevant images to use in your Easter email campaign

Hold a sale

Spring is a very transitional time, which makes Easter a great occasion to hold a new season sale or special promotion. Send out an email campaign promoting your latest products, so customers are prepared for the new season.

Of course, a regular X% off sale is also always effective – especially during a special occasion.

Sales such as this work particularly well for fashion brands, furniture retailers, and consumer goods businesses, where stock is frequently being updated.

Easter email campaign by Oasis

Oasis use Easter as the perfect excuse to hold a new season promotion.

Promote family activities

As well as many school holidays taking place around this time, bank holidays also often fall around Easter. This makes it a great occasion for service- or activity-based businesses to profit from.

Use your Easter email campaign to promote fun activities that the whole family can do together and get customers inspired.

Try putting together a holiday activity guide or suggesting some top travel locations for the time of year. Helping customers come up with creative ways to keep their kids entertained over the holidays is always a big win.

Trainline's travel-themed Easter email campaign

Trainline sent out this email campaign to give customers ideas of things to do over Easter.

More Examples of Easter Email Campaigns

Here are some more awesome Easter email campaigns that demonstrate these best practice tips…

New Look

In this colorful email design, New Look include some fun pastel tones to compliment their Easter promotion:

Easter promotion by New Look


Packlane also use a seasonal shade of pastel blue in the background. The calendar date at the bottom of the design is also a smart way to remind customers of the upcoming holiday and create a subtle sense of urgency.

Packlane's Easter email campaign


This bold design by NOW TV contains a classic Easter egg graphic to make things seasonal. In addition, it also stays relevant by providing a suggestion of something to do over the holiday weekend.

NOW TV Easter email campaign


This sweet Easter email campaign by Hobbycraft simply focuses on wishing all subscribers a Happy Easter. The pop of yellow in the center graphic is also bang on trend for the occasion.

Happy Easter message by Hobbycraft

Fortnum & Mason

What would Easter be without some delicious chocolate? This Easter egg buying guide by Fortnum & Mason incorporates all the right colors and seasonal imagery, while also showcasing their top products.

Easter egg buying guide by Fortnum & Mason

Creating Easter email templates in Mail Designer 365

We hope you’re inspired and ready to start trying out these Easter email campaign ideas. Remember to be bold with your email designs in order to convince your readers.

In need of some more inspiration? Mail Designer 365 offers a diverse collection of Easter email templates – perfect for a seasonal promotion or vibrant Easter email campaign.

You can try out all of these tips and Design Ideas in Mail Designer 365. Download the app for free today and see what you can create.

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How to create anniversary emails

How to Create Awesome Anniversary Emails – Plus Examples We Love

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A key factor behind successful email marketing is the ability to produce interesting content for your subscribers. One popular trend which has really taken off over the past few years is sending anniversary emails as a way to keep subscribers engaged with your business.

In this guide, we’re showing you step by step, how to create awesome anniversary emails and sharing our favorite examples from the past few years.

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What is an anniversary email and why should I send one?

An anniversary email is sent to commemorate a special event or milestone. This can either be a customer’s own personal milestone, or a general business milestone. Typically, the main aim of these emails is to maintain the relationship between your business and your email subscribers.

Here are some great advantages of sending an anniversary email:

  • Make customers feel special. Anniversary emails can easily be integrated into your existing automated email workflow and sent out after certain triggers (e.g. 1 year after signing up). This is a great way to use email to make the customer journey more personalised.
  • Create a new sales opportunity. Many businesses take anniversary emails as an opportunity to launch a sale or offer a discount code.
  • Showcase your achievements. Use your anniversary email as a way to share your success with customers and other key stakeholders.
  • Provide interesting email content. An anniversary email gives you the chance to put a unique spin on your typical marketing emails and provide new content.

Anniversary emails for customer milestones

Every business has a unique customer journey and aims to create a specific experience for both new and existing customers. This plays an important role when considering which milestones to celebrate.

Anniversary emails are a great addition to your automated email strategy, as they are unique to the recipient and therefore offer much more potential in terms of open rates and clicks.

Examples of customer anniversary emails

Here are some great examples of emails sent by businesses to celebrate customer anniversaries.


In this fun, birthday-themed email design by Grammarly, the customer is offered an exclusive discount. We especially like the way the white space in the design makes the messaging even clearer.

Anniversary email by Grammarly


Keeping to the birthday theme, this email by ModCloth uses a colorful center graphic to win over customers and get them shopping on their site.

Anniversary email design by ModCloth


This anniversary email by Twitter has a prominent CTA (call to action), prompting the recipient to spread the word on Twitter right away.

Anniversary email by Twitter


In this anniversary email, Uber reminds drivers of all they’ve achieved during their time together. Celebrating those key moments is an important part of improving the user experience for all and helps motivate drivers.

Anniversary email by Uber


In this mesmerising anniversary email design by Playstation, the customer is rewarded with fun bonus content. Thumbs up for the use of personalization in the main design of the email!

Anniversary email by Playstation

Anniversary emails for business milestones

As well as gaining access to the latest information on your products and offers, many customers signed up to your mailing list to learn more about your business. For this reason, sending out updates on important milestones your business achieves can also be very interesting to your customers.

These emails differ greatly from the customer-specific email examples we just showed. Generally, a business event such as a birthday or sales milestone is a big occasion and an excuse for a grander, one-off mailing.

Examples of business anniversary emails

Here are some examples of firms who have used email to creatively celebrate their anniversary with customers and stakeholders:


Casper stay nicely on brand with this fun anniversary email, sent out to celebrate their 2nd birthday.

Anniversary email by Casper


The Fitbit team takes a slightly more formal approach in this email statement celebrating their 10th birthday. This kind of email is great, as it is also suitable for investors and stakeholders. We love the numbers section in the middle which recognizes their achievements so far.

Anniversary email statement by Fitbit


This anniversary email by DAVIDsTEA is unique, as it combines the customer’s personal milestones with the anniversary of the business. This helps the customer to feel like part of the business and strengthens the B2C relationship.

Anniversary email by DAVIDsTEA

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson sent out this impressive mail to celebrate the anniversary of one of their classic products. Releasing a unique, anniversary edition is one creative way to get more customers on their site.

Product anniversary email by Harley Davidson

Best Practice Tips and Ideas for Anniversary Emails

Now you’ve seen some great examples of anniversary emails, here are some best practice tips to abide by.

Use personalization

Emails are proven to be much more effective when speaking directly to the recipient. Use personalization in your anniversary emails to capture the reader’s attention and let them know it’s all about them.

Adding a first name placeholder is a simple way to ensure your automated email will address each recipient personally. Mail Designer 365 supports a wide range of placeholders, including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and custom placeholders.

Offer a gift

Every anniversary is a special occasion and warrants a gift. In this case, it’s just the same. Say thanks to your customers for their loyalty over the years and reward them with a free gift or special offer.

Anniversary email promotion by Vimeo

Vimeo offer customers an exclusive discount to celebrate their anniversary.

Highlight your shared experiences

As we mentioned, the customer experience is an important part of how your business connects with users. Particularly in service-based businesses, it’s a good idea to celebrate your shared experiences with customers to help them feel more connected to you.

In this email by theSkimm, customers are reminded of their personal experience with the business over the last 5 years.

Anniversary email by theSkim

Reflect on shared experiences with customers to help strengthen their connection with your business.

Include a CTA

Every email needs a clear call to action and anniversary emails are no exception. Include a prominent CTA button in your email design to show the reader what their next steps are.

Here are some ideas:

  • Shop now (i.e. with discount or promo code)
  • Refer us to a friend
  • Log in (i.e. to your service)
  • Share the news (e.g. on Twitter)

How to Create an Anniversary Email in Mail Designer 365

Got a big anniversary coming up? Mail Designer 365 makes it easy to celebrate your success with customers and stakeholders.

Choose from one of our many HTML email templates, or use the drag & drop editor to build your own design using an impressive set of creative tools.

Once you’ve finished building your design, check out the huge range of export options to send your template to your chosen email service provider for a mass, one-time mailing, or a long term, automated campaign.

Not got a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? Download your free trial to get started.

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Email campaigns for International Women's Day

Best International Women’s Day Email Campaigns

By Mail Designer 365 Newsletter Academy

Creating an International Women’s Day email campaign is a great way for your business to show customers that you care about women’s rights. As it’s such an important occasion, it’s crucial that you get the messaging and design of your campaign right.

Here are some useful tips and examples to help you get started with your International Women’s Day email campaign.

P.S. Looking for email marketing tips and template ideas for Women’s Equality Day (August 26th)? Check out this separate marketing guide.

HTML Email Template for International Women’s Day

html email template for international women's day

Exclusively available in Mail Designer 365! Promote a special International Women’s Day event or create an exciting campaign with this bold template.

What is International Women’s Day?

Before you start coming up with a concept, it’s always good practice to read around the topic. Not only does this help you to better understand the event, it also gives you further inspiration for your campaign.

International Women’s Day takes place each year on 8th March and dates back to the early 1900s. It celebrates the achievements of women and emphasises the importance of gender equality.

The day has massive global significance and is celebrated all around the world. In some countries (including China and Vietnam), the day is a national holiday, whereas in others, it is seen as a day of formal observance.

Traditions vary from gift giving, or charity events, etc. and in recent years, the day has become a huge trend on social media.

Tips for your Women’s Day Email Campaign

Make the theme clear from the get go

Celebrate the day confidently and introduce the topic in your email straight away. Include the term “International Women’s Day” in your subject line so interested readers know they should open your email.

Use a large, central headline to deliver your campaign message. This shows readers that you’re not shy about celebrating women and makes the day the main focus of your email.

Use bold imagery

A picture speaks a thousand words, so use powerful imagery to celebrate strong women. A unique feature image is an effective way to get your message across to your customers and can also be super motivational.

Your feature image could be a colorful illustration, a poignant photo, or a text-based design. Whatever you opt for, position it centrally to ensure it steals the show in your email design.

Here are some uplifting examples:

Marketing campaign by Gucci for International Women's Day

Gucci uses simple, text-based graphics in this marketing campaign for International Women’s Day

Barcelona City Council Women's Day artwork

Unique campaign artwork by Violeta Noy for Barcelona City Council

International Women's Day campaign by Tinder

Tinder showcased women in a variety of professions in this Women’s Day campaign

International Women's Day campaign by Facebook

This abstract artwork by Facebook celebrates women supporting each other.

Celebrate with a promotion

A promotion or special offer is a great way to show that your brand is fully behind the cause. Aside from the regular sale or X% off, you could also think about doing something outside of the box.

Launching a special edition product or holding an event and donating your profits to charity are both good ways to support the cause.

Have fun

As the old saying goes, “girls just wanna have fun!” If appropriate for your brand, try to include some fun elements to your campaign. This could be bright colors, a fun font, or witty email copy.

This is a positive celebration. Use bold, bright colors like pink, yellow, orange, etc. to bring a celebratory feel to your design.

Remember the cause

This is your company’s chance to show that equal rights are important to you. Remember that the day is about celebrating the achievements of women, and try to include this in your campaign.

Think about how you and your business can celebrate female success and ensure this is reflected in your email’s message. Try showcasing some successful women connected to your industry as a way of recognizing their achievements.

8 Examples of International Women’s Day Emails

These email campaign examples perfectly illustrate how to celebrate International Women’s Day the right way…


International Women's Day campaign by Nike

Nike used their email campaign to showcase inspirational women in sport.


Aerie's International Women's Day campaign in 2019

This powerful design by Aerie is a motivational message for International Women’s Day.


Women's Day email campaign by Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip use a fun GIF in their email design to share their important message.

Cost Plus World Market

International Women's Day email by Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus share stories of successful women in the food industry.


Women's Day campaign by Anthropologie

This campaign by Anthropologie focuses on a specially launched collection.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal's International Women's Day email

This bold, pink design by Nasty Gal offers a generous discount for International Women’s Day.

American Eagle

International Women's Day email template by American Eagle


Mango Women's Day email campaign

The large headline in this refined design by Mango makes it clear what is being celebrated.

How to get started

  1. Design your International Women’s Day email using the creative tools in the Mail Designer 365 App for Mac
  2. Upload your email to Mail Designer 365 Approval to get feedback from your coworkers
  3. Export your email design and send to your subscribers via your preferred email service provider

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Inspiration for Chinese New Year emails

Inspiration for Your Chinese New Year Email Marketing Campaign

By Uncategorized

As almost 20% of the world’s population, China accounts for a huge proportion of the world market. This makes it super important for any business operating globally or in the Asian market to recognise Chinese culture in their marketing efforts. Here are some great tips and examples to help you create a Chinese New Year email campaign.

What is Chinese New Year?

In China (as well as a few other Asian countries) New Year is celebrated according to the Lunar calendar. In China, the first day of the New Year begins when a new moon appears. This does not have a fixed date and traditionally occurs between 21st January and 20th February.

Chinese New Year is a hugely important celebration for millions of people worldwide.

Here are a few interesting facts about Chinese New Year:

  • Each year has a zodiac animal which serves as a symbol for the entire year, as well as anyone born in that year. In total, there are 12 zodiac animals. This year (2022) is the Year of the Tiger.
  • Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival and lasts for 15 days. In this time, it is common for everyone to return home and celebrate with their families. This causes the busiest travel period in China.
  • The color red is believed to bring good luck during the start of a new year. Most people decorate their homes red and wear red clothing. Money is also commonly gifted to children in red envelopes for good fortune.
  • Certain flowers are are always associated with the start of a New Year and often used as decorations. For example, the narcissus flower symbolises prosperity and blossom represents luck.
  • The Chinese New Year is celebrated worldwide. Celebrations are held in major locations all around the world. London hosts the biggest celebrations outside of China and events are held throughout the city; including a huge parade.

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Chinese New Year email campaign examples

Many big name brands send out a Chinese New Year email marketing campaign each year. Here are 5 of the best examples we’ve come across. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to create one of your own!

Brand: Kate Spade

Chinese New Year email campaign by Kate SpadeWhat we love: Aside from being super cute, this campaign is also really unique and creative. Kate Spade used their email campaign to promote a limited edition range especially for the Year of the Dog (back in 2018.)

Brand: Clinique

Chinese New Year email campaign by CliniqueWhat we love: Here we can see another limited edition product being promoted which was created especially for the Year of the Rat. The red, gold and white color scheme is also well fitting to the occasion.

Brand: Harney & Sons

Chinese New Year email campaign by Harney & SonsWhat we love: This campaign is not only super informative, it also manages to creatively use the zodiac animal (in this instance the horse) to connect the product to the celebration. Pairing this with an interesting main graphic and classic Chinese font made the email a winner.

Brand: Sunuva

Chinese New Year email campaign by SunuvaWhat we love: This design is big on blossom – which is a traditional symbol associated with the Chinese New Year celebration. Putting together this edit was a great way for Sunuva to make their products relevant for the occasion.

Brand: La Mer

Chinese New Year email marketing campaign by La MerWhat we love: Gold goes hand in hand with any big celebration. This email campaign perfectly combines red and gold for a classic Chinese color scheme. We also love the subtle integration of the monkeys (zodiac animal for 2016) on the centre graphics.

Tips for your Chinese New Year email campaign

Remember the zodiac animal

Centring your campaign around the zodiac animal is a really smart way to stay relevant. Find ways to reference the zodiac animal of the year in your email; either through design (e.g. illustration, motifs, graphics) or text (subject line, puns, email copy, etc.) The more creative, the better!

This email by Karen Millen isn’t massively related to Chinese New Year, but still stays relevant by giving a fun nod to the zodiac animal of that year.

Use traditional colors and symbols

As seen in the examples, the color red is a massive part of Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s important to try and use this in your design. A red background, or red text are both good ways to add some color and stick to the theme.

In addition, other symbols such as the dragon, or the flowers we mentioned earlier would also be great to include in your design.

Concentrate on the theme of new beginnings 

In all cultures, the start of a new year is synonymous with new beginnings. This is also the case with the Chinese New Year. Whether it’s a new product range, a sale or promotion, or tempting your customer to try a new service, there are many ways you can incorporate this theme into your campaign.

Everyone can get involved

Even if you don’t have a huge Chinese customer base, Chinese New Year is still well known enough to warrant an email campaign – just make sure to go about it respectfully. Find a way for your business to celebrate Chinese culture. This could be anything from art, cooking, language, film, fashion, etc.

Holding a special event or launching a promotion on Chinese-themed products are both good ways to get involved and share the celebration with your customer base:

Lakeland used this email campaign to celebrate Chinese cooking and promote their range of woks.

Remember you have time

While the start of the New Year is what’s most commonly celebrated, Chinese New Year celebrations actually last for 15 days. Don’t panic if you haven’t started on your campaign yet, as you still have time to celebrate with customers!

Hopefully you have found these tips and examples inspiring and will consider creating a Chinese New Year email marketing campaign of your own.

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