A streamlined cloud platform for newsletters
Design with Mail Designer for Mac, collaborate, plan and send with Mail Designer 365 Campaigns.
TeamCloud: Save and share
Save email designs to TeamCloud: Automatically keep designs up to date across all your devices and between team members.
Crew Chat: Preview and discuss
With Crew Chat your whole team can preview designs on the web. Give feedback, discuss and approve designs.
Delivery Hub: Send campaigns
Use Delivery Hub to send email campaigns – with advanced audience management, scheduling tools, stats and reports.

The more the merrier!
Need design inspiration? Waiting on feedback from your colleagues? Add up to 10 team members for free to discuss your latest revisions together in Crew Chat.

Mail Designer 365 Campaigns FAQs
How can I start using Mail Designer 365 Campaigns?

Save your Mail Designer 365 design in TeamCloud to share it with your team and start using features like Crew Chat and Delivery Hub.

Can I edit my design online if I use TeamCloud?

TeamCloud saves and synchronises Designs created in the Mail Designer 365 App. Build and edit designs on your Mac and save them in TeamCloud. Afterwards all colleagues and team members have access to the design. In order to change a design which is shared in TeamCloud, a Mail Designer 365 Design plan is required. A Campaigns base plan is included with each team and plan upgrades can be added any time.

Can I use Campaigns features without the Mail Designer 365 app?

Mail Designer 365 Campaigns consists of many web-based features which can also be used outside of the app. Non-designers in your team can use Crew Chat to share feedback and sign off on email campaigns, or schedule and send campaigns in Delivery Hub. Larger TeamCloud Storage and Audience quotas are available in Campaign plans.

Are Campaigns features included with Mail Designer 365 plans?

Each team comes with a base license for Mail Designer 365 campaigns. Additional Campaigns upgrade plans are available starting from $1 per month. View all Campaigns plans.

How much cloud storage space do I get in TeamCloud?

TeamCloud is available with different storage options depending on your Campaigns plan. View all plan tiers here.