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Email list segmentation tips

Email List Segmentation Techniques to Learn More About Your Subscribers

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Building up your email list is a great start to any email marketing strategy, but the important work does not stop there. Email list segmentation is also a critical factor for your email marketing success.

Segmenting your list helps you to create the best email content for your subscribers, and has also been proven to work wonders on your open rates. However, getting the information you need can be challenging.

Here are some useful techniques you can implement in your next campaign to improve your email list segmentation and get better results.

5 Useful Techniques for Email List Segmentation

1. Optimize your opt in process

The moment a customer chooses to opt in to receiving your newsletter is an important one.

Seize the moment while they are consciously making the effort to engage with your business to find out more about the new subscriber.

Instead of simply asking for their email address, think of a few key details you would like to know to help segment your list.

This could be:

  • Name - For better personalisation
  • Age - To optimize your content for the target group
  • Interests (e.g. kids' fashion, rock music, political news, etc.) - To send relevant deals/content
  • Location - For language choice or relevant cultural events

Getting this information straight away will allow you to hit the ground running in terms of producing relevant content and will save you time in the future.

Opt in form by ASOS for better email list segmentation

This opt in form by ASOS allows new customers to provide important information about themselves before signing up for their newsletter.

2. Get to know customers through your welcome email

First impressions are everything, and your welcome email is no exception.

Start as you mean to go on and make sure your welcome email presents customers with the opportunity to tell you more about themselves.

Including a link to a basic questionnaire, such as this example by Britannica, is a nice way to let the customer quickly outline their preferences.

Britannica sent out this great welcome mail for better email list segmentation

Britannica sent out this great welcome mail for better email list segmentation

Questionnaires are a good technique for email list segmentation

A simple questionnaire helps the new subscriber to easily indicate their preferences.

The customer will also feel confident that they will only be receiving emails relevant to the interests they've outlined.

3. Refer to customer shopping habits

The way your customer shops also tells you a lot about them that can help you with your email list segmentation.

If customers are required to sign in before completing a purchase, you will have all of the purchase information associated with their account.

Recommendation emails

This information can help you to produce better newsletter content. For example, you will have an insight into which kinds of products your customer is interested in (e.g. gadgets, outdoor clothing, sports equipment, etc.) This will allow you to send them more relevant recommendations.

Amazon's product recommendation emails come as a result of their email list segmentation.

Tracking customer purchase information helps Amazon send more relevant product recommendation emails.

Service and subscription models

If you offer a subscription service, it is also useful to track customer activity to send them more effective emails.

This could range from onboarding emails, re-engagement campaigns, or sales-based up-sell emails. Knowing more about your customers helps you target them with a suitable call-to-action.

For example, sending an email with an upgrade call-to-action to a customer who hasn't used your service in some time is far less effective than targeting them with a re-engagement campaign.

NOW TV use email list segmentation to create reengagement campaigns for lapsed subscribers.

Knowing more about customer behaviour allows NOW TV to reengage lapsed subscribers with new offers.

Segmentation by abandonment rate

Behaviour tracking also helps you segment your list based on abandonment rate.

If a customer did not complete the checkout process, you can use this chance to send them an abandoned cart email. This is a great tool for reengagement and could be the key to you increasing sales which would have otherwise been lost.

This technique can also be applied for an abandoned onboarding process as a form of re-engagement.

Re-engament campaign by the Dollar Shave Club sent in response to abandoned onboarding process.

The Dollar Shave Club reacts to an abandoned onboarding process by sending out this smart re-engagement style email.

4. Run a birthday campaign

Everyone loves a birthday! A birthday email is a great opportunity to send customers a personalised offer.

To do this, you first need to find out when their birthday is. If you haven's found this out during the opt in process, putting together a quick email campaign helps fill in this missing information later on.

Once you have the customer's birthday on record, the world is your oyster. You can segment your list by birthday, birthday month, age, star sign, etc and create unique birthday related content to engage your subscribers.

Email campaign by Wallis to find out the customer's birthday and segment their list accordingly.

Wallis used this campaign to find out more about subscribers' birthdays and send them unique, personalised content later on.

5. Give subscribers an incentive to tell you more

Getting information from your subscribers to help with your email list segmentation can be tough. Providing an incentive is often a good way to boost engagement.

Offering a discount voucher in exchange for information is one potential way to gather more useful data to use for your email campaigns.

Alternatively, you could offer subscribers a useful guide or resource as a way to get them to tell you more about themselves.

In this example by Neil Patel, new users are encouraged to take a quiz to then receive relevant marketing advice. This is elaborate for a newsletter sign up process, but ultimately is a win-win situation. The user provides all the information to help categorise them correctly and is rewarded with a useful guide at the end.

Neil Patel's quiz is an innovative way to segment his email list.

Neil Patel's quiz is an innovative way to segment his email list based on key subscriber characteristics.

Neil Patel's quiz contains important questions which help him with list segmentation.

Neil can understand more about new subscribers after using his quiz to ask critical questions.

Try out these email list segmentation techniques

Many of the techniques listed above require a trigger-based transactional email.

Try out the tools and resource provided by Mail Designer 365 today to create a HTML email template to use with your campaign.

Use great email design to convince your subscribers to respond to your campaigns and gather more information to help you with your email list segmentation.

Start your free trial today to see what you can achieve.

Until next time,
Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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Ideas for Presidents' Day email campaigns

Presidents' Day Email Campaign Inspiration

By Mail Designer 365 Newsletter Academy

Have you thought about your Presidents' Day email campaign? In the build up to Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day often goes forgotten, but there's no denying a major holiday weekend is always a great marketing opportunity.

Create an email campaign to celebrate Presidents' Day

In this guide, we'll take you through all the ins and outs of creating a Presidents' Day email campaign; including tips, examples and best practice for your emails...

What is Presidents' Day?

Presidents' Day is a patriotic holiday in the USA. It is celebrated every year on the third Monday in February.

Originally, the holiday was created to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln - two of the most influential presidents in US history. Today, it is simply seen by many as a day to celebrate all former US presidents.

Why should I send a Presidents' Day email campaign?

Like most holidays in the modern era, Presidents' Day creates a huge sales opportunity. A holiday weekend gives consumers an extra chance to shop and also increases their demand for goods and services.

Like many other cultures, Americans take a holiday weekend as the chance to travel somewhere new, meet up with family, or socialize with friends. All of these activities have great sales potential.

No matter what area of business you're in, Presidents' Day gives you the perfect reason to launch a promotion. Furthermore, given its close proximity to Valentine's Day, the holiday also lands in a peak sales period which your business could cash in on.

Presidents' Day email campaign examples

These Presidents' Day email campaign examples from big name brands tick all the right boxes and should help inspire you when coming up with your own campaign ideas.


Presidents's email campaign by Google

In this campaign, Google opts for a series of time-limited promotions across popular products. The email design is super on brand but integrates the classic red, white and blue color scheme in the background for a patriotic feel.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Presidents' Day email campaign by Bed Bath & Beyond

The theme of this email design is made clear straight away. As well as the all important color scheme, Bed Bath & Beyond include traditional star graphics in the flag style design. The sale discount is also made to stand out in bright red.


Presidents' Day email by JCPenney

JCPenney have also got us seeing stars with this bold email campaign. There's certainly a lot going on with all the different discounts in the centre of the design; but the main message of the campaign is made clear thanks to the big bold typeface.

Michael Kors

Email campaign by Michael Kors for Presidents' Day

Michael Kors uses a stylish header design to make sure their promotion is the first thing the customer sets eyes on. This paired with a large product photo helps get them ready to shop.


Presidents' Day email campaign by ASOS

While the overall design isn't based on patriotic imagery, ASOS have put a modern twist on the traditional holiday by including the eye-catching green banner at the top of the email. This way, customers won't forget there's a promotion on.


Presidents' Day email design by Dockers

We love the way that Dockers has managed to combine humor and tradition in this unique Presidents' Day email campaign. Including an image of Lincoln wearing one of their products is a genius way to promote their business while staying on trend with the occasion.

The bright orange CTA (call to action) buttons are also super prominent in the design.


Presidents' Day email campaign by ArticleThis Presidents' Day email design by Article also shows you don't have to go wild with the stars and stripes to get involved in the action. Big, easy to read headlines paired with bold CTAs and a clear shopping layout make up the perfect recipe for any sale or promotion.

Tips for your Presidents' Day email campaign

Hopefully you've managed to take some creative inspiration from these examples. Before you get started on your campaign, here are a few quick hacks to help you ensure success.

  • Optimize your subject line: This is a peak sales period and inboxes will be overflowing with deals. Make sure yours stands out. This article has some great inspiration for you.
  • Check all your links and prices: This is more important than ever during a sale or promotion. Be sure to triple check every link and promo code to avoid disappointment on the customer's end (and embarrassment on yours!)
  • Timing is important: Don't wait until President's Day to launch your campaign. The main attraction of this holiday is that it lasts a whole weekend. Launching on the Friday gives customers the whole weekend to shop your deals.
  • Segment your list: President's Day is a big deal in the USA, but elsewhere not so much. Sending out a mass email shows a lack of consideration for the rest of your customer base. It's much more effective to target them later on with a more relevant campaign.

With those tips out of the way, it's now time for you to make some headway on your campaign.

Creating a Presidents’ Day Email Campaign in Mail Designer 365

If you're wondering where to begin, check out Mail Designer 365, where you'll find all the creative content and design tools you need to build an awesome Presidents' Day email campaign.

Here are some example email designs we built using the features in the app, plus tips on how to recreate these styles yourselves.

Search the Unsplash collection for your feature image:

Unsplash offers you amazing, high quality stock images to use license-free in your email designs. Use the search tool in Mail Designer 365 to instantly search the entire Unsplash library for your perfect feature image:

Example Presidents' Day email campaign built using Mail Designer 365

Use Unsplash integration in Mail Designer 365 to find high quality stock photos for your email designs.

Try out Blend Modes to produce unique effects

Blend Modes tool allows you to control how two images are layered together. This allowed us to create the super patriotic stars & stripes effect seen in this example and the Lincoln example above.

Simply place your chosen images on top of each other and use the hover preview to choose the blend effect you like most. In this example, we opted for the "screen" effect:

Example Presidents' Day email campaign built using Mail Designer 365

Use Blend Modes to recreate this stars & stripes effect in your design.

To find out more about how Blend Modes work in Mail Designer 365, check out this tutorial.

Experiment with bold web fonts for sale eye-catchers

A standout font is the key to a good sales eye-catcher. Choose from 700+ web fonts in Mail Designer 365 to draw your customers' attention to your Presidents' Day promotion. In these example eye-catchers, we've chose "Alfa Slab One" for its classic, bold effect:

Example Presidents' Day email campaign made in Mail Designer 365

A bold web font is the perfect finishing touch to your sales eye-catchers.

Start your free Mail Designer 365 trial today and see what you can achieve.

Until next time,
Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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Inspiring ideas for email subject lines

20+ of the Best Email Subject Lines

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A great email subject can be the key to better open rates, but mastering the technique of subject line writing can be a challenge. On the hunt for inspiration, we decided to scour through our inboxes and dig out the very best email subject lines of 2019.

In this guide, you'll find 20+ inspiring examples of the best email subject lines from the biggest brands. We've got everything from funny, to creative, to sales based to help you with your next big campaign...

Best intriguing email subject lines

Email subjects which are able to evoke curiosity in the reader are always super effective.

Even if you're not too interested in the sender, if the subject line is interesting enough, it's likely that you're going to open the email to find out more.

"These are so ugly"

By: Etsy

Wait... what's ugly? If you're anything like us, this subject line would make you click right away.

In reality, Etsy were just advertising some classic, corny Christmas sweaters, but the use of a bold statement in this subject line certainly managed to raise eyebrows.

"Is the Ouija board dangerous?"

By: Quora Digest

Turning your subject line into a question is a great trick to get better open rates. If the question is interesting enough, the reader will open your email to find out the answer.

Once the recipient has opened your email, you can use creative email copy and great design convince them to click through to your store or website. Easy, right?

"DON'T SCROLL PAST | This ends midnight ?"

By: British Corner Shop

The all-caps strategy used in this subject line by British Corner Shop is definitely an attention grabber. In a crowded inbox, it only takes a second for an email to stand out and make the reader choose to click open.

The term "This ends midnight" is also intriguing, as they deliberately don't give everything away in the subject. This increases the likelihood that the reader will open the email for more details.

"Burning questions & stuff"

By: Really Good Emails

This subject line is smart by using everyday, informal language rather than the typical sales/marketing speak readers are used to seeing in their inbox.

This change in syntax is enough to make the recipient look twice and open the email to find out more.

"Did someone say payday? ?"

By: Boots

This witty subject line is super relatable and mirrors the thoughts of most of us when we get our pay-check. Incorporating the payday theme into your subject line is a smart way to tempt readers into treating themselves after a month of hard work.

Again, the use of a rhetorical question also makes a subject line like this is intriguing to readers. This paired with an irresistible offer or promotion will make your campaign a winner.

Best funny email subject lines

If it fits in with your brand, using humour is another great way to make your email subject stand out from the rest. Some of the best email subject lines we've come across have got a funny side to them...

"Gimme Gimme Gimme a ticket for Mamma Mia!"

By: LOVEtheatre

This subject line is without a doubt corny, but certainly helps put a smile on the reader's face (as well as getting the song stuck in their head!)

A clever email subject such as this one not only grabs the attention of the reader, but also gets them thinking all about the show the email is promoting before they've even chosen to open.

"Alexa: Read this email! ?"

By: Phrasee

We love how creative this example by Phrasee is. A funny, unique subject line automatically triggers the reader to want to open the email - even if they don't know what it's going to be about.

"? The hottest thing on your screen…? ?"

By: Domino's Pizza

This subject line may raise a few eyebrows, but that's exactly what makes it so effective. As well as creating that all important sense of intrigue which makes readers open the email, the tongue in cheek humour is also a great way to gain more attention.

"Still wanted: your opinion"

By: ATG Tickets

This is a great and funny twist on the classic feedback request email. The directness used here is exactly what will make the recipient look twice at an email they'd more than likely otherwise scroll past.

Best personalised email subject lines

What better way to get someone's attention than by using their name? Using personalisation in your email's subject is an easy way to make a regular subject line much more interesting to the reader.

"Grace, how about a hot drink on us?"

By: Subway

Here is another example of how using a question in your email subject helps draw the reader in. This together with the use of personalisation makes the recipient feel special and, in this case, makes the offer seem exclusively tailored to them.

"Grace, autumn flights under £29.99"

By: easyJet

The use of personalisation helps turn a standard sales subject line into something much more eye-catching. If easyJet had simply left their subject line as "Autumn flights under £29.99", it's likely their open rates would have been significantly lower.

Using the customer's first name makes them feel directly spoken to and makes the email appear much more relevant.

"Grace, people with ALS need you now!"

By: The ALS Association

Using personalisation in a charity email campaign is an effective way to encourage recipients to donate more.

Using their first name turns the email into a personalised plea rather than a mass campaign; which could help the reader feel more of a sense of responsibility to donate. P.S. Check out this post for more tips on building charity email campaigns.

Best sales-based email subject lines

If done correctly, a catchy text about your sale or promotion can also become one of the best email subject lines. Including tempting sale keywords and mentioning your impressive discounts are two ways to help your email stand out for the recipient.

"*BIG NEWS* Sale now up to 60% off"

By: Jack Wills

The use of all-caps and asterisks at the beginning of this subject line draws readers in right away. As well as this, mentioning the hefty 60% discount is also bound to turn heads and get customers clicking.

"Celebrating 30 years with 30% OFF for 24 hours only!"

By: Bunches

This promotion is fun and the repetition of 30 immediately makes the subject line more interesting; catching the attention of more recipients. Together with the added time pressure (24 hours only), we'd say Bunches are on to a winner here.

"? Everything is £3 or less? Hurry! ?"

By: 10 Store

There's a lot going on in this email subject line. Mentioning the super low prices in the subject (£3 or less?) is definitely a guaranteed way to draw more readers in. If that wasn't enough, the emojis also help brighten up the recipient's inbox...

Best emoji email subject lines

Everyone loves using an emoji now and again (read: ALL THE TIME ?) If used properly, they can also work wonders for your email subject lines by adding a splash of color to your customers' inboxes.

"? Items to make you smile!"

By: eBay

This subject line may seem simple, but the smiley emoji makes the email jump out at you. This fun emoji might have been all they needed to click on an email they would have otherwise ignored.

"? Open the door to your perfect holiday stay"


As shown in this example, emojis can also work well as an illustration for your subject line. A picture speaks a thousand words, so if you can find a suitable emoji to go alongside your email subject line, why not give it a go!?

The door emoji is rarely used and happens to fit super well with the theme of the email; enticing more readers to click.

"2-4-1 = Date Night ❤️"

By: Giraffe

This is a really unique subject line which combines multiple clever elements. For example, Giraffe are able to keep things fun and succinct and by using numbers instead of writing "two for one."

Overall, using the love heart emoji is an instant eye-catcher and fits well with the "date night theme."

"⏳ ENDS TONIGHT - 20% off 20 great brands ⏳"

By: Boots

The egg timer emoji is a classic way of ramping up the time pressure in your subject line. Although the subject would have been pretty effective on its own, the emojis help it go that extra mile to stand out.

Best FOMO email subject lines

Creating a sense of urgency to get your readers to open up your email is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Using this technique plays on people's FOMO (fear of missing out) and uses time pressure to persuade customers to perform a specific action.

"Hurry Grace! Save now with our 3 month membership!"

By: Places Leisure

As well as using personalisation, the use of the words "hurry" and "save now" imply that the deal is only running for a limited time. This makes the reader much more likely to click so that they don't miss out on a great offer.

"Don't forget to claim your FREE month of Sky Cinema"

By: Now TV

Capitalising the word "free" here is an instant eye-catcher, but the main point which draws readers in to this subject line is the use of the phrase "don't forget." This suggests the user only has a limited amount of time to claim the offer before - you guessed it - missing out.

"Have you got your tickets?!"

By: The National Wedding Show

Rhetorical questions can also be effective in creating a sense of urgency. The added exclamation mark at the end of the question makes it seem more urgent, and using the pronoun "you" helps to direct the question straight to the recipient.

"Your discount code expires TOMORROW!"

By: Opodo

This is a good example of how using all-caps can help emphasise time-sensitive language even more. The recipient is instantly drawn to the word "tomorrow" which makes them wonder what is happening the next day. This is the exact kind of intrigue required to get a customer to open your email.

Best reengagement email subject lines

If some of your subscribers may have lost their way, you can use a reengagement campaign to help get them back on track. In order to do so, your subject line has to do the job of convincing them to re-connect with your emails again.

"Aerosmith - still want those tickets?"

By: Ticketmaster

This subject line is a great accompaniment to an abandoned cart email. Sending out emails such as this is a great technique to give customers the chance to pick up their interrupted purchase from where they left off.

The customer, who had recently been looking at Aerosmith tickets, will be quickly drawn in by seeing the band's name in their inbox. This coincidence could be all the inspiration they need to open your email and check over the ticket prices again.

"Grace, don't forget your tickets to Luton Airport"

By: Trainline

This reengagement style subject line also uses personalisation for added effect. Using the customer's first name grabs their attention and ensures they won't miss the important reminder.

"We've missed you! 85% OFF your 1st item"

By: JustFab UK

In this example, the customer is tempted back by the promise of a huge 85% discount. The phrase "we've missed you" is direct and personal and implies the deal is exclusive to the customer, rather than a widespread promotion.

Key Takeaways

These were just a handful of examples of the best email subject lines. Hopefully you've found out a little bit more about the types of subject lines you should be using to improve your open rates.

The best advice we can give is to be creative and discover what works best for you and your business. Remember to also keep track of your open rates and analyse performance whenever you try out a new subject line technique.

Want to get the full effect of your subject line BEFORE you send out your email? Mail Designer 365's inbox optimization tool is a great way for you to experiment with different styles and lengths of email subject:

Mail Designer 365's inbox preview helps you write the best email subject lines

Use the inbox preview in Mail Designer 365 to test multiple subject line styles.

The live preview lets you view your potential subject line options in an inbox mockup. You can also view your subject at the top of your design to see how it fits in with your overall campaign.

Sign up free to Mail Designer 365 today to discover this and a range of other exciting tools for creating effective email campaigns.

Until next time,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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NEW: Valentine's Day Design Ideas

By Mail Designer 365 Blog

With many brands sending out their first emails at the end of January, there’s no time like the present to get started on your Valentine's Day email campaigns. We’ve added 3 brand new Valentine’s Day Design Ideas to Mail Designer 365 that are bound to sweep your customers off their feet...

Read More

2020 email marketing calendar

Your 2020 Marketing Calendar: Tips, Special Events and Free Calendar Resources

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January is the optimal time to start planning your 2020 marketing calendar. When deciding on your campaign ideas for the year, it's useful to have a clear overview of all key events. This will help you keep track of which holidays are coming up, as well as everything you need to do to get your business prepared.

January is the perfect time to start planning all your campaign ideas for the coming year.

We've created some great resources which will certainly come in useful to you when putting together your marketing schedule for the year.

Get your hands on a 2020 email campaign planner (based on our team's own content marketing plan!), plus a 2020 marketing calendar jam-packed with the most important dates.

Get your FREE 2020 marketing calendar and campaign planner!

Free 2020 marketing calendar and campaign planner

Get your free resources:
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Make the most of your free resources:

Once you have downloaded your free 2020 marketing calendar, you can skim through all the most important dates, holidays and sales periods coming up in 2020. Use these dates and any others you want to include to fill out your  2020 email campaign planner.

Throughout the year, you can note down todos, campaign ideas, important links, etc. and keep track of all your campaign planning in one useful document. We've already provided you with some useful links to help you get started.

Getting to work on your first campaign

Ready to get started on your first email campaign of 2020? Check out the Mail Designer 365 workflow! Build your campaign using the creative tools in Mail Designer 365. Then, upload your design drafts to Mail Designer 365 Approval to get feedback and ideas from your team members.

Once your team has approved your campaign, you can go ahead and export directly to use with your ESP.

Want more inspiration for 2020? Keep reading to discover more unique and exciting holidays your business can get involved in this year...

12 BONUS dates that you need in your 2020 marketing calendar 

Stuck for fresh ideas or looking to build a marketing campaign different to everyone else's? To go alongside the must-have dates in your 2020 marketing calendar, here are some slightly more obscure or unheard-of dates to inspire you to create even more unique and interesting email content for your customers.

January 20th: Blue Monday

Officially named the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday always falls on the third Monday in January. As marketers, you can be clever and do your best to take advantage of this otherwise miserable day and give your customers something to smile about.

January 20th 2020 is Blue Monday

Get your readers out of the Blue Monday slump with a fun campaign.

February 29th: Leap Year Day

2020 is another leap year; meaning February has an extra day this year. This is a great chance to get creative and think of a promotion to offer customers exclusively on February the 29th. Remember to try and create a sense of urgency here by reminding customers it's just for one day.

March 8th: International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a great opportunity for you to celebrate your female customers and colleagues. A marketing campaign giving back to women's charities or simply an email recognising the day would be highly effective way to show women your appreciation.

8th March 2020 is International Women's Day - a date for your 2020 marketing calendar

Celebrating International Women's Day is a great way to show your female customers your appreciation.

April 23rd: World Book Day

If you sell books or e-readers, World Book Day could be a great opportunity for you to launch a promotion. If not, consider holding a special reading event or share your team's favorite books with your customers to encourage them to read more.

May 4th: Star Wars Day

Calling all Star Wars fans: May the fourth be with you! Depending on which business you're in, this unofficial holiday might be a little bit out there. However, with a little creativity, some of you may be able to pull off a fun campaign to put a smile on your readers' faces.

June 20th: Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year is certainly a special day and, with it being right at the start of summer, it can be used as an excuse for a summer sale or promotion. Alternatively, you could consider holding a special event to celebrate with your customers. This could be great themed event for a bar or restaurant.

The summer solstice could be another event worthy of your marketing calendar this year...

Celebrate the longest day of summer with a solstice-themed event.

July 24th: Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Summer Olympics are considered by most as the world's biggest sporting event and an event which brings dozens of nations together. No matter your field of business, there's bound to be a way you can stay on topic and incorporate the olympic theme into your campaigns this summer.

August 8th: International Cat Day

Cats are an internet sensation and a funny cat meme or video can be the ideal addition to liven up an otherwise standard email campaign. Of course, if your business is related to cats in any way, or you are a cat charity, then this is a very important date for your diary.

Would you consider adding International Cat Day to your marketing calendar?

Cats make everything better. Celebrate International Cat Day with a fun, cat-themed campaign.

September 12th: International Programmers' Day

This is one for all the software and tech firms out there... Show appreciation for your fellow programmers by giving a nod to them in your email campaign! Try offering a discount on new software which developers may find useful, or provide programmers with early access to your beta releases. They'll definitely appreciate you going the extra mile for them.

October 1st: International Coffee Day

This is one for café, and restaurant owners, or any other vendors or retailers selling coffee. Make the most of this one-off celebration with a fun promotion or event.

Apart from celebrating the delicious drink, International Coffee Day also concentrates on promoting fair-trade and supporting the overseas industries behind the production of coffee. This is also a great thing to mention in your campaigns (learn more.)

Why not include a campaign about coffee in your 2020 marketing calendar?

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee! Why not launch a campaign around it this International Coffee Day?

November 11th: Singles' Day

Originating in China, Singles' Day is a day dedicated to celebrating single people and is now massively growing in popularity. Many businesses use this as an opportunity to offer discounts and great deals to their customers. In particular, this holiday is popular with younger people in China, the UK and the USA.

December 10th: World Human Rights Day

Why not use the last month of the year to draw attention to a good cause? Take a break from festive sales emails to promote values such as equal rights, peace and tolerance. Holding a special event, launching a product and donating the profits to human rights organisations, or simply raising awareness are all great ways to get involved.

Getting started

We hope we have given you some ideas and inspiration for your 2020 marketing calendar. Alongside the regular holidays and events in your planner, these events should give you some fresh and interesting new subject matter to create engaging emails with in 2020.

Don't forget to check out our free resources for your 2020 marketing calendar. The extensive email campaign planner and downloadable events calendar are both completely free and a great way for you to get your campaigns organised this year.

Register your email address below to get even more great email marketing resources delivered straight to your inbox!

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