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NEW: Review Request Design Idea

By Mail Designer 365 Blog

As a modern business, your online reputation is super important and the best way to strengthen it is through receiving reviews and testimonials from your customers. With the brand new Review Request Design Idea now available in Mail Designer 365, you have all the basics you need to confidently ask your customers to leave you an online review...

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Use email to get more online reviews

Use Email to Get more Online Reviews

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Today, businesses rely more and more on their online image as a means of strengthening their reputation and standing out from competitors.

Most potential customers are massively influenced by what your previous customers have to say. In fact, 97% of potential buyers depend upon online reviews when deciding whether to purchase. Thanks to the recent rise in review sites, all it takes is quickly googling the name of a business to help a customer make up their mind.

business reviews on google maps

People care a lot about reviews when choosing a product or service.

If a customer wants information about your business and can't find anything online, they are much more likely to seek out a competitor whose customers have left testimonials. Because of this, it's more important than ever for you to build up your profile of online reviews.

Getting customers to share their experiences of your business online can be hard. Even if a customer had a great time at your restaurant or loved your hair salon, there's no guarantee that they'll rave about it online. For some, the process is too time consuming, others will wonder what's in it for them and a lot of customers will simply forget.

In this guide, we'll take you through some key tips to consider when using email as a strategy to increase your online reviews and strengthen your brand image...

Sign up to a review website

There are so many independent review platforms available today. Rather than go it alone, take advantage of the options available and consider signing up to a review site. Your customers will feel much more motivated to leave a review on a popular, third-party platform, as they are independent, trustworthy sites that aren't screened.

Here are just a few examples of reputable platforms you could start using:

  • Google My Business - Use the world's #1 search engine to give customers the chance to write or read reviews about your business.
  • TripAdvisor or Airbnb - Perfect for those of you in the travel and tourism industry looking for more exposure.
  • Amazon - Great for small businesses wanting to give their products a larger platform.
  • Facebook - A free and easy way for local businesses to connect with customers in their area and let them share their experiences.
  • Trustpilot - A convenient, independent platform for customers to review any type of business.

Popular, independent review sites such as Trustpilot are a great place to collect customers' experiences of your business.

Once you have established yourself on one of these platforms, you can use your email to directly link customers to your business's review page. Make sure to include the logo of the site in your email to make it more recognisable to customers. This is a much more clean cut way of asking for a review.

Include a link or call-to-action box to an independent review site to give your email a more clean-cut feel.

Remember to thank the customer

When writing your email copy, keep in mind that you are sending out your review requests to customers who have already bought your product. This means that thanking them for their purchase should be high on your list of priorities. Show your customer that you appreciate them and include a brief thank you message in your email.

In this example, eFlorist does a great job of politely thanking the customer before proceeding to ask for a quick rating:

eFlorist customer feedback email

Before asking your customer to leave a review, remember to thank them for their purchase.

Timing is everything

In order for your emails to be most effective, you have to ensure the timing is right.

If you leave it too long to ask your customers for a review, their experience of your business may no longer be fresh in their minds and they won't have much to say. Similarly, if you ask a customer too soon to review a product they have just purchased, they may not have had the chance to test it yet.

For this reason, it's important you send your emails out at the right time. Naturally, every business is different, so there is no one size fits all model. One good strategy to adopt here is A/B testing. Try sending the same email out at different time periods after purchase and analyse which gets the best response from customers.

Offer different review options

Sometimes the classic review style isn't for everyone. For customers who don't have time to leave a full text review of your business, a scale rating is a fast and easy alternative. With just one click, customers can review your business numerically; letting you know exactly how you are doing in your customers' eyes.

Tip: Remember to create some sort of a landing page for once your customer has clicked on one of the star ratings. Here you can also give the customer the opportunity to leave further comments, or simply thank them again for taking part.

This example by BarkBox is super straightforward and easily allows readers to submit their rating:

Scale ratings are an easy way for customers to quickly review your business.

Making a rating panel in Mail Designer 365 is easy thanks to the library of shapes and layout blocks, but remember to only include one link per image area.. Here's an example ratings chart for you to try out:

Use the tools and layout options in Mail Designer 365 to create a colorful rating panel for your customers.

Try to incentivise

Because most customers won't feel the need to leave you a review, providing an incentive is an effective way to get more of your customers on board. By offering customers something in return for an honest review, they are much more likely to take the time to share their experience.

In this email by Argos, the customer is given the chance to enter into a £100 voucher giveaway. Including a 2 week time limit is also effective here, as it subtly creates a sense of urgency. For the customer, it's definitely a great tradeoff, considering a review only takes two minutes to write.

Provide some kind of incentive to motivate customers to leave a review.

Don't send too many emails

One mistake which is also easy to make is sending out too many emails asking the same thing. Ultimately, if a customer was willing to leave you a review, they would likely have done so after the first email. Persistence is good in some cases, but it's important to not become too forceful, as this could lead to customers unsubscribing completely.

Sending the same email multiple times is bad practice and could even be perceived as spam. If you are going to send a repeat email, be sure to try a different strategy. For example, if your first email is ignored, you could follow up the next week with an offer of an incentive. This way you'll have covered all bases and will know when it's time to back down.

Secure more online reviews with Mail Designer 365

We hope you have enjoyed reading through these tips. In today's business environment, online reviews are crucial to building up a strong brand reputation and finding out how your customers really feel about your business.

Strengthen your chances of getting more online reviews with the 'CityHotel' Design Idea in Mail Designer 365:

The template has all you need to convince your customers to review your business online. Open in the app to start editing or download Mail Designer 365 free to get started.

Stay creative,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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How to Get More Responses for Your Email Survey - 6 Easy Tips

By Mail Designer 365 Newsletter Academy

Trying to convince customers to take the time to fill out a survey or leave a review is difficult. Of course, anyone can send out an email with a link to a questionnaire, but is this enough? With so many businesses asking for the same thing, how can you make sure your feedback request comes across genuine?

Following these 6 simple tips should make it much easier for you to gain useful customer insights and create an effective survey system to use again and again.

1. Find the right survey tool

Surveys are an integral part of your marketing strategy and there are countless tools out there to help you reach out to customers. Whether it's a designated agency, a system you've built in-house or a third party platform, it's important to find the right tool for you needs.

For many businesses, opting for an agency or premium-style service can be unrealistic. In most cases, it is possible to create and host your survey using a free tool. This will save you money and also a lot of time. Free web-based tools such as Google Forms are perfect for generating questionnaires to send via email. If you're looking for something on a larger scale, Survey Monkey offer a range of different plans to suit your business's needs. Alternatively, check out this post for some more great options.

Check out Google Forms as a free resource to help build your survey.

Once you've settled on your tool, you can create your survey, generate a link, and include this in your email to send to subscribers.

2. Grab customers' attention through your subject line

The subject line is always important and here is no exception. Using a generic subject line which customers have read hundreds of times is a bad idea, as it will only get ignored. For example: "We need your help!" As an email subject, this is vague, uninteresting and massively overused.

Use your subject line as the chance to clearly outline why the customer should take time to open your email and give you feedback. Here are a few effective examples we have come across recently:

Moonmail: "Last chance to get a $25 Amazon card!" Generating a sense of urgency is a proven effective way to motivate readers to act.
Frye: "$50 for your thoughts" Including a monetary value naturally will spike the attention of the reader and make them curious to discover more.
Thumbtack: "Tell us what you think of Thumbtack in 30 seconds" Outlining how quick the feedback process will be should help convince the customer that the survey won't be too time consuming for them.
Handy: "What do you hate most about cleaning?" Asking the question outright in the subject lets the reader know what to expect from the email and creates a more direct approach.

3. Use personalisation to make the reader feel important

The aim of your feedback campaign is to get as much information from the customer as possible, while also demonstrating to them how important their opinion is to you. Using personalisation is one great way to do this.

By addressing your customer directly, you naturally give them a sense of importance which they wouldn't receive from a mass email. Instinctively, when we see or hear our own name, we are much more likely to pay attention. This email from Specsavers asks the customer directly to take part in their survey. This personalisation, paired with the tagline "We value your feedback", makes the customer feel important:

Specsavers customer feedback survey in email

Specsavers use personalisation to make the customer feel their opinion is important.

Inserting a name placeholder into your email design is fast and effective way to integrate personalisation. Mail Designer 365 offers you direct integration of popular placeholders from Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Direct Mail for Mac so your design is ready to export and send:

Mail Designer 365 insert placeholders

Insert placeholders directly in Mail Designer 365 to easily adopt personalisation into your feedback emails.

4. Make the action areas bright and clickable

Making the action areas in your email vibrant and colorful is another effective way to capture the customer's attention and keep them interested. CTA (call-to-action) buttons and ratings charts should look extra clickable, so they instantly stand out in your email and draw in the reader.

Quick guide: What makes a button "clickable"?

  • Position - Central and hard to miss
  • Size - Large enough to read, but not overwhelmingly big and spammy
  • Color - Vibrant and stands out well against your email background
  • Message - Clear and concise. The customer should know exactly what will happen when they click

This example by Insurify makes it super easy for customers to give a quick rating. The color-coded chart is just asking to be clicked. No reader could resist!

Insurify ratings chart in email

The color-coded ratings chart in this email is super straightforward and really clickable.

When you create your CTA for your survey, make sure to stick to these tips to ensure the button stands out and makes customers want to click. An extra tip would be to specify the duration of the survey just under the button. This way, readers know exactly what they are getting in to.

5. Offer a reward

If you want to go the extra mile to encourage your customers to take part in your survey, you may want to consider offering a reward. A much larger proportion of your customers will be willing to take the time to help you if they can see the benefit for themselves.

One reward you could offer is a special offer on your products. Ask customers to complete your survey in exchange for money off their next purchase. This strategy is used well by Tailor Brands. In this email, they offer a 50% discount in exchange for customer feedback:

Tailor Brands customer survey email

Offer customers money off their purchase in exchange for completing your survey.

Alternatively, if you want to offer a bigger prize, try tempting your customers with a competition or giveaway. Convince customers to take part in your survey in exchange for entry into a prize draw. The bigger and better the prize is, the more effective!

In this email, Morrisons offer customers the chance to win a seriously exciting prize of £1,000 to spend in their stores. Seeing an incredible prize like this is super tempting for readers and will increase the chance of them participating in your survey.

Tip: For bonus points, tease the grand prize in your subject line. This will surely result in an increase of your open rates.

Morrison's customer feedback email

Get readers geared up to take your survey by offering the chance to win an exciting prize.

6. Make the survey process quick

Last but not least, you should also do everything you can to ensure the process is as quick as possible. You've gone through all the hard work of getting your customers through to your survey, make sure it pays off! Many customers will quickly lose interest if they feel your questionnaire is too long-winded. Here are some tips to help shorten the process:

  • Prioritise - Although you probably want to know as much as possible, you should first determine what is most important to you. This will help you narrow down what you want to ask customers.
  • Keep it concise - Overly wordy questions will only overwhelm and confuse participants.
  • Make text-based questions optional - Answering multiple choice questions is easy, but not everyone has time to write long answers. Make your text-based questions skip-able, as some feedback is better than none at all!
  • Give customers options - Similarly, if customers are pressed for time, they may not want to answer all questions. Build a cut-off point into your survey so participants can choose to end there or continue to more questions.

Survey emails made easy with Mail Designer 365

We hope you have found these tips useful and will take them on board when sending out customer surveys. Getting good quality feedback from your customers is the first step towards optimising your business.

If you want to find out more about what your customers really think, use the Customer Survey HTML email Design Idea in Mail Designer 365 to encourage your customers to give you the feedback you need to improve your business:

Customer Survey html email template in Mail Designer 365

Try the Customer Survey HTML email template in Mail Designer 365

Not got a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? Download today for free to test this template and over 100 more.

Stay creative,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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