Spring Email Marketing Strategy: 5 Events You Need on Your Radar

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With spring fast approaching, now is a great time to take another look at your email marketing calendar and start planning your upcoming campaigns for the next few months.

Spring hosts an array of exciting holidays and occasions that you can easily incorporate into your email marketing strategy and produce exciting email content your subscribers will love.

To help you get inspired for the new season, we've listed 5 major events coming up in spring plus, ideas and examples of awesome marketing emails you can try out in your own spring email strategy.

How do seasonal changes affect consumer behaviour?

Weather and seasonal changes play a great role in the way customers perceive your business and how they choose to spend money. Over the years, many studies have been carried out on the correlation between seasonal changes and consumer behaviour and the general consensus shows a change in season influences many shoppers to start stocking up.

For example, with the first glimmers of spring sunshine often comes:

  • a new wardrobe,
  • different recipes and food choices,
  • the urge to get active or start working out at the gym,
  • vacation planning,
  • seasonal events and holidays,
  • a surge in spring cleaning and DIY,
  • a rise in outdoor activities and gardening,
  • and much more!

For this reason, the transition from winter into spring poses the perfect opportunity to target customers getting ready for the new season with a fresh, new campaign.

a family on a spring walk

The start of spring encourages many people to start changing their habits, including taking up outdoor activities again.

5 Major Spring Holidays You Need to Plan for

Recognising major seasonal events ensures your email content remains relevant and interesting to your audience. Spring is a great time for new campaigns, as it welcomes a wide range of key events, including major religious holidays and public holidays.

Want to get started? Check out this list of major spring holidays and discover campaign examples to get inspired!

1. St Patrick's Day Email Campaigns

As a celebration of all things Irish, St Patrick's Day is well known for its fun and frivolity. For this reason, it's a great way to kick off your spring marketing strategy.

Adding a splash of green and some witty wordplay to your email can be enough to give a nod to this fun event. Otherwise, you could go the extra mile with a themed sale or lucky dip style promotion, like this example by J Crew:

st patrick's day email campaign

This St Patrick's Day email campaign by J Crew perfectly captures the fun nature of the holiday

Want more tips? Check out our post on St Patrick's Day email marketing.

2. Easter Email Campaigns

In the western world, Easter is arguably one of the biggest events of the spring and a time for both religious and non-religious families to come together and celebrate.

As well as being an important religious holiday, Easter in general is also seen by many as the height of spring and, depending on the country, often marks the transition into warmer weather.

Take this chance to start integrating warm-weather themes into your campaigns and if relevant to your business, now is also a great time to start promoting outdoor activities and vacations.

Of course, we also can't forget the connection between Easter and sweet treats! Incorporating a chocolate or Easter egg theme is also a great way to go if you're stuck on ideas - like in this tongue-in-cheek example by Jack Threads.

Easter email campaign by Jack Threads

This Easter-themed campaign by Jack Threads is a fun and creative example of how to include traditional Easter themes in a simple sales email.

Want more tips? Check out our post on Easter email campaigns.

3. Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr Email Campaigns

As almost a quarter of the world's population, Islam is the second largest religion in the world, making Ramadan and Eid two major events in the spring marketing calendar.

Depending on the demographic of your target audience, the Ramadan season and build up to Eid-al-Fitr may be important additions to your email marketing plan.

Similarly to Easter for the Christian population, Eid is a massive occasion for muslims all over the world, usually celebrated with good food and large family gatherings.

Even if you are not planning a specific promotion, if you know you have a large muslim customer base, sending out an "Eid Mubarak" email to those of your subscribers celebrating is a kind gesture.

Ramadan email greeting created in Mail Designer 365.

Ramadan email greeting created in Mail Designer 365.

4. Mother's Day Email Campaigns

The exact date of Mother's Day differs from country to country, but in the majority of countries, Mother's Day falls during the spring.

Mother's Day is a major sales event worldwide and is celebrated by the majority of people. For your business, it presents the opportunity to not only promote gifts and activities for families, but also to thank Mothers all over. This can be done in the form of a special promotion or just a simple appreciation message.

During this time, many businesses opt to create a Mother's Day gift guide to inspire customers, like in this example from Marks and Spencer:

Mother's Day gift guide by Marks & Spencer

A gift guide like this one by Marks & Spencer is a great way to inspire shoppers looking for the perfect present.

Want more tips? Check out this post on Mother's Day email campaigns.

5. Memorial Day Email Campaigns

As spring draws to a close, Memorial Day is the last big holiday before the start of the summer.

The long weekend at the end of May is often a chance for a small getaway or, if you're staying in town, a cookout or get-together.

Like any holiday weekend, Memorial Day is a chance for a big promotion while customers are in the mood to spend. This summer-themed promo by Bed, Bath & Beyond is a great way to end the current spring season and start getting ready for a new one!

Memorial Day email campaign by Bed, Bath & Beyond

Use your Memorial Day email campaign to get your customers ready for a long hot summer!

Want more tips? Check out our favorite Memorial Day email campaigns!

More Inspiration for Spring Marketing Campaigns

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