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Mail Designer 365 Version 1.6 Update Guide

By 26. February 2019Mail Designer 365 Blog

Hey Mail Designers! We're back with a brand new update for you which will make your design life even more productive. With exciting new developments for team workflows and practical changes to the way you send your emails, this update is definitely not one to miss. Discover what's new in version 1.6...

Design Approvals

Exclusively available in Business and Business Premium plans.

With brand new Mail Designer 365 Design Approvals, you can now share your design on the web and invite team-members to comment or approve. Say goodbye to confusing email threads, design screenshots and endless feedback cycles and carry out all of your team workflows in one place. You can manage your approvals workflow via

Approve designs and send feedback via our new web-based design approval system.

Tip: Approval licenses are available for non-designers to sign off and provide feedback on your Mail Designer 365 email design.

Automatic Email Account Setup

All new automatic email account setup makes sending via your own email account even easier. Mail Designer 365 will automatically detect the settings for your email provider to guarantee smooth sending from your own email address.

Enter your email address and password and Mail Designer will automatically configure your account for sending.

Tip: Enterprise customers can submit internal account details to be added for employees to help optimise workflow without any technical requirements.

Improved: Color Handling

Mail Designer 365 version 1.6 also fixes inconsistencies which some customers were experiencing when picking and assigning colors. These were being caused by subtle differences in the color picker's color profile and Mail Designer. You can now use hex values consistently in the new color swatch popover field, to ensure consistent color matching.

What you need to know: 

  • All colors are now stored in the sRGB color profile
  • You can specify hex color values directly in the color swatch popover
  • Mail Designer 365 now also tries to set your macOS Color Picker to use sRGB whenever possible to ensure consistency.

Further improvements...

The team has also carried out the following improvements to make Mail Designer 365 even better for you:

  • You can now use the "All Caps" options on text within image areas.
  • LinkedIn links which can't be checked automatically by the PreFlight checker now show a different message.
  • An issue which occurred for some users when cropping retina images has been fixed.
  • Editing the inner message background now works as expected.
  • Preflight size estimates are now more accurate.
  • An issue which could cause some images to appear slightly blurred after scaling has been fixed.

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