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Let everyone in the team take part in your email creation workflow:
On any device, on the go and remotely, for all team members.

The problem

When you’re building a newsletter or email, you often need to collect input from lots of different team-members, using a variety of devices and platforms. Working from home can make the feedback process even more complicated.

The solution

With Mail Designer 365 Approval, your design is shared on the web. Team-members can preview and comment on the design remotely from their home office, on the go on their smartphone, or right there in the office, so you can update it until it’s right.

Your productive workflow

Step 1:
Build designs on your Mac with Mail Designer 365

  • Build your design on your Mac using the Mail Designer 365 app.
  • Share a web-based preview of your design.

Step 2:
Cross-platform discussion & feedback on all devices

  • Invite co-workers to provide comments and feedback on your design.
  • The web-based feedback platform works perfectly with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Chromebook, etc...
  • Receive email notifications to stay on top of the status of your design.

Step 3:
Adjustments and final approval vote

  • Apply any feedback and suggestions from your colleagues in the Mail Designer 365 app.
  • Re-upload the latest drafts for approval until the design is ready to send.
  • After your team has given the final approval, you can export the design from the Mail Designer 365 app to your chosen ESP.

Get input from the whole team

Campaign Specialists
Content Producers

What's the difference between the Mail Designer 365 app and Approval?

Area of Use
Design & Send
Check, Discuss & Approve
Web Cloud Service
Supported Plattform
Mac (Intel Macs and Macs with Apple M1 Chip)
Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac
Target Group within companies
Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Content Producers
All stakeholders creating emails/newsletters, like: Designer, Marketing, Sales, General Management, Campaign Specialists
Overview & Features
Design & copyedit newsletters
Upload Initial Design Revisions to the cloud
Invite company Team members
Members get informed by email once new revisions are online to discuss
Discussion thread between Team members
Emoji Support for discussions
Upload follow up revisions to the cloud
Approve / Disapprove Buttons for all team members
Upload final revision to any supported mail service
Price per member per month
from $15.00/month
from $4.99/month

Displayed dollar prices are in USD.

Trusted by designers, marketers, web professionals and businesses including:

Tesla Motors
The American Sailing Association
Plugged Media
Optic und Vision
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