Mail Designer 2: Overview - Use The Shape Tool

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Shapes are a great way to spice up your email newsletters!

Want to shape up your emails and newsletters? Mail Designer 2 will help you get in shape!

Buttons, banners, and badges – can all be created and edited directly within the Mail Designer 2 app. 

With the Shape Tools, you have a set of shapes for designing your own eye-catching graphic elements. Just click on the little triangle on your palette to access the shape tool.

Shape or Image Adjustment

When you drag shapes into your email layout, you can adjust them by dragging on the small circular end marks until you have created your desired shapes.

Shape or Image Rotation

By pressing on the command button and clicking, you can rotate the object with your mouse from the end marks. Double-click on the object for more options.

Color Changes

You can change the main colour or gradient colour of your object. You can also add an outline. In the colour window, you can regulate the opacity. This will allow you create a transparent badge or an overlay.

Other Tools

In the menu, you will find other tools. You can even place the objects in the background or foreground.

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