Mail Designer 365 for Teams

Inviting colleagues to collaborate on email designs via the my.maildesigner365 online portal makes your workflow much more effective. As a team, you can enjoy direct access to a number of special features designed to make your life easier – leaving you more time to focus on the important stuff (awesome email design!)

Set up your team to enjoy exclusive benefits across all Mail Designer 365 services.

Set up a team


Team benefits across all services

The my.maildesigner365 portal

Build and manage your team via your personal online portal. Invite designers, marketers and regular members to your team and assign them an appropriate plan. With Teams, you will receive one joint invoice for your entire team at the end of each billing period.

Conveniently manage all aspects of your team in one place
Permissions and plans for every role
 Joint billing for easier accounting

Mail Designer 365 App for Mac

Use the Teamwork panel in the Mail Designer 365 App to attach targeted feedback and comments to specific design elements and assign your fellow designers newsletter todos. Design workflow made easy with Mail Designer 365.

All the tools you need to build flawless email newsletters
Tag your fellow designers in targeted comments
Assign todos for newsletter tasks

Mail Designer 365 Approval

Upload your newsletter drafts to the web-based Approval service and invite the rest of your team to join in the discussion and give feedback on designs. Non-designers can get involved with Approval licenses also available.

Invite team members to leave comments and feedback
Flexible: works on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, etc…
Standalone Approval licenses available from just $4.99


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Want to enjoy great team benefits for your business? Here’s how:

How to build a team

  1. Sign into
  2. Build up your team: Customise, invite members, assign roles
  3. Add your billing information and purchase plans
  4. Start designing!

Are you a team admin looking to get started with your Mail Designer 365 team? Check out this step-by-step PDF guide for more information.

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Set up a team