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Video Tutorial: How to send emails with your final email designs using Mail Designer 2

Mail Designer 2 offers many possibilities for you to send your finished emails or newsletters.

Here you’ll see the options available for sending your email:

With Mail Designer 2, you can send your email designs from Apple Mail or directly through Mail Designer 2. Just click the “Send Email” button found under “Share” in the Menu Panel.

Right off the bat, you can send yourself and 2 other people a test email using the equinux Design Delivery Service. Click on the Apple Mail button to send emails directly on Apple Mail.

Larger Distribution Lists:

For larger distribution lists, just you add your personal email account to your external email client via Set-up. Choose your client such as gmail. Then, you can enter your  user information. Afterwards, activate this account for sending. Finally, you can send emails to your larger distribution lists.

Attaching Data:

If you use Mail Designer 2 for sending your newsletters, you can also attach data to your message and send it along with your email design. Please note that this feature is not possible when sending through Apple Mail.

Professional email marketing service:

Would you like use a professional email marketing service such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor when sending your emails or newsletters? This can be done using the export button.

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