Are you a newsletter builder? GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR EMAIL DESIGN – We will show you how to define preview pictures

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Mail Designer Pro is always thinking on how we can help you become the newsletter builder of your dreams. Email design is an important component to any modern business. With you in mind, we want to share our tips with you.

Did you know that you can embed multiple versions of a picture in your mail design? This is perfect when your creative team have to decide between pictures or when you are planing to test out the success of a header design with a powerful A/B newsletter blast.

Newsletter builder 101: Here’s How:

• Select your desired picture
• Click on the little variants button
• Drag your picture into one of the variants slots
• Select your next version and add it to another slot

Let the show begin! Now your editing team can browse through the options in  Mail Designer Pro Design Ideas. Try out the different possibilities.


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