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Mail Designer Pro offers an improved link formatting tool which makes it easier to create links formatted just the way you want them.

Stay up-to-date, grow your newsletter list

Start your own curated link lists, which is the latest newsletter trend. Turn your favorite industry news and links you might post on social media into a so-called “curated newsletter.” This is the latest and hugely popular newsletter craze.

Stylish, curated newsletters with themed link collections are already a huge hit in. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and resourceful start-ups quickly recognized the potential of link formatting. Everyone is taking advantage of this craze by keeping their followers up-to-date with weekly. Some are even going about and beyond by sending daily newsletters.


Some example of companies who are sending updates to their readers are iOS Dev WeeklyeWebDesignRemotiveChargedThe Modern Desk, and Highbrow. These are just a few. You can find more examples here.

Do it yourself - It’s easy to get started and create your own curated newsletters

With the improved formatting features for links, you’re on your way to creating cool curated newsletters.

Go to the link treasure chest:

Here we go! To start, you’ll fist need to go on a link hunt and dig up the necessary links. To make your life easier, we recommend using bookmark apps. There are tons of handy bookmark apps you can use such as: EmberStacheCurator to collect and sort the links you’ve found.

Important: Only use the best links for your hand selected newsletters.

Build your link newsletter

With Mail Designer Pro, you don’t need HTML or any web services like curated.co. You can quickly and easily create curated newsletters.Here’s how:

In the header, you can summarize what the newsletter is about. Then, add text blocks and individual sections for your links.

Quick Tips:

• Feature every link with a short description text enticing a click.

• Via “add link”, you can link your your headlines and the link at the end or the description.

• With Mail Designer Pro, It’s now possible match the colors of your links to the scheme of your design.

• If you prefer to list your links without an underline, you can easily do so by ticking the box in the little check-box.

• If you’d like, you can add a “Sign up” call to action to register for a newsletter subscription. You never know, it’s possible your newsletter will be forwarded to a new potential subscriber.

• Feature your previous newsletters, available on the web, with a link at the end. With Mail Designer Pro you can easily click the “export button” to export your newsletters as HTML.

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