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Mail Designer 365 1.4 Update Guide

By 25. September 2018Mail Designer 365 Blog

Hey designers! As you may have heard, macOS Mojave launched on Monday and to celebrate, we've got a brand new version of Mail Designer 365 for you which works perfectly on the new OS! Version 1.4 comes loaded with a huge new range of features including colorful image effects, brand new device previews, as well as a sleek new interface for Mojave's long awaited dark mode.

Mail Designer 365 in Mojave Dark Mode

Ready for Mojave

Whenever a new macOS is released, Mail Designer 365 is always ready. macOS Mojave offers a huge range of new features and settings; many of which can be enjoyed within Mail Designer 365 version 1.4. This includes:

  • A brand new UI option optimized for Mojave Dark Mode.
  • UI changes for improved compatibility with macOS Mojave
  • Continuity Camera: You can now add your own photos to Mail Designer 365 directly from your iPhone for fast and effective email creation.

New Device Previews

Version 1.4 introduces 3 exciting new device previews. In version 1.4, you can preview your show-stopping designs on the all new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, as well as the iPhone XR (released next month.) You can also preview your designs on Series 4 of the Apple Watch.

iPhone XS

iPhone XR

Even more image effects

*Available in Business Premium plans*

Version 1.4 introduces a huge range of brand new image effects to Mail Designer 365; giving you even more tools to express your creativity with.

Choose from 8 different Duotone looks to give your email designs a contemporary pop art vibe. These vibrant image filters allow you to create bright, eye-catching graphics for your email newsletters. With just one click you can apply pro effects without leaving the design window.

To recreate the stylish translucency effects seen in iOS and macOS, you can use the Vibrancy effect new to version 1.4 - available in light and dark to offer you ultimate flexibility for your designs.

To check out the full list of image effects, click on an image and scroll down to "Effects" in the "Style" menu.

New in Tables

*Available in Business Premium Plans*

Version 1.3 saw the launch of the Tables feature in Mail Designer 365. In this version, Tables have received even more improvements and fine tuning; making the feature bigger and better than ever before:

  • The team has improved mobile-optimized card-layout ready for the brand new iPhones.
  • Improvements have been made to make the formatting and editing process for your table easier and more productive.
  • To make your lives easier, images are now automatically centered.

Improved mobile-optimisation for Tables

Streamlined Teamwork

Mail Designer 365 was built for teams. We've also carried out the following changes to Teamwork to make the app more streamlined and efficient for teams:

  • Your design can now be quickly and easily opened with one click when you share or lend it to team members via email.
  • All todos and comments will now be grouped by date so you can keep track of all feedback from your team.

Further improvements

We've also carried out a range of stability fixes and behind-the-scenes updates to keep the app running in top shape for you:

  • We have improved sidebar usability on smaller MacBooks to make the app more accessible for all users.
  • A color mismatch issue when using the color picker has been fixed.
  • A line-height formatting issue has been corrected.
  • We have carried out further performance and stability improvements to ensure the app is running as it should be.

You can find an overview of all of our official release notes here.

Stay creative!

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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