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Email Template Ideas for Women’s Equality Day

By Gabrielle12. August 2021

Women's Equality Day is coming up and poses a great opportunity for you to get involved and show your support for an important issue.

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, being vocal around key social topics is a good way to outline your core values and play an important role within your community. In addition, it also shows your customers you care about them and the issues that affect them.

Explore tips for your email campaigns, plus email template ideas for Women's Equality Day in our dedicated marketing guide.

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What is Women's Equality Day?

Women's Equality Day is celebrated in the USA every year to commemorate women being granted the right to vote. The day is a recognition of women's suffrage and is proclaimed publicly each year by the US President.

When is Women's Equality Day?

Women's Equality Day takes place every year on August 26th to mark the anniversary of women receiving the right to vote in 1920, following the introduction of the Nineteenth Amendment. The occasion was first celebrated in 1971 as has been celebrated annually since then.

What to Include in Email Campaigns for Women's Equality Day


Including information about the occasion and any current campaigns is an effective way to use your platform to raise awareness.

If you haven't created much educational content of your own, do some research and link out to other groups sharing news or blog posts. Your readers will appreciate you taking the time to share valuable information with them. Make sure to always fully credit your sources.

international women's day by quizlet

We love how this email by Quizlet goes all out to share useful, educational content with readers

Powerful graphics

Powerful graphics help you get your message across faster. Use bold colors and imagery that depicts strong women as the central focus of your design:

women's day campaign by bershka

This Women's Day campaign by Bershka contains powerful, colorful imagery to elevate the message further.

Inclusivity and diversity

Try and make your campaigns as inclusive and diverse as you can. This includes sharing the stories of women from all different backgrounds so that all your target audience can identify with the messaging.

This email by Really Good Emails has a super inclusive intro and also takes the time to credit other women in the industry and showcase their work:

women's history month email by Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails took the time to write a well thought out and inclusive introduction to their Women's History Month campaign

Find more tips on inclusive emails here.

Motivational call-to-action

Every email needs a strong CTA (call-to-action) - and Women's Equality Day is no exception. Whether you're holding a special event, sharing some key resources or promoting a charitable cause, you should do all you can to make your CTA stand out and motivating your readers.

This email campaign promoting the Women's Conference of Florida does a great job of speaking directly to the recipient and inspiring them to sign up:

email campaign promoting a women's conference

Inspire readers with a powerful CTA block

Email Template Ideas for Women's Equality Day

Mail Designer 365 has all the tools you need to create powerful email campaigns for Women's Equality Day. Check out our Women's Equality HTML email template - exclusively available in the Mail Designer 365 App for Mac.

email template for women's equality day

Mail Designer 365 email template for Women's Equality Day

Don't have a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? Try it today free to start creating email templates for Women's Equality Day and other key occasions in the marketing calendar.

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