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Creating Email Campaigns for Earth Day - Best Practice Tips

By Gabrielle13. April 2021

Planet Earth is our home and we owe her a lot! What better way to celebrate the world we live in than by creating powerful email content for Earth Day?

Whether you're planning an exciting promotion, sharing sustainability tips with subscribers or raising awareness about key environmental issues, you can use email to make this Earth Day really count.

In this post, we're sharing some of our favorite examples of Earth Day email campaigns, including some best practice tips on how to create your own email template for Earth Day.

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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a large global movement, founded in 1970, to promote clean and sustainable living on our planet. It is celebrated worldwide each year on April 22nd.

The focus of Earth Day is on protecting the earth for future generations. This includes raising awareness about important topics such as: climate change, saving energy, wildlife conservation, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and reducing waste.

Today, more and more people are actively aiming to become more environmentally friendly. Earth Day provides businesses with a chance to not only raise awareness of topical issues, but also to demonstrate their role in working towards a better, more sustainable world.

planet earth poster by Greenpeace

Earth Day takes place every year on April 22nd and focuses on environmental conservation and sustainability

Best Practice Tips and Ideas for Earth Day Emails

If you're creating an Earth Day email campaign for the first time, you might be wondering where to begin. Follow these key tips to get started...

Craft an engaging subject line

The subject line is the first thing your readers will see and often determines whether or not they will open your email - especially in email providers like Gmail and Outlook, where promotional emails are kept separate.

For this reason, it's important you give it your all when it comes to crafting the subject line. Use keywords relating to Earth Day and try including topical emojis to add a pop of color (🌎💚🌲🌱).

Making your email subject as intriguing and interesting as possible helps guarantee your readers will click through to the rest of your campaign.

Write positive email copy

Earth Day is all about encouraging each other to take care of the planet and become more sustainable for future generations. For this reason, it's best practice to adopt a positive, motivational tone in your emails.

As well as general messages of encouragement, this could also include sharing tips and useful advice on how to become more sustainable, plus highlighting positive progress your business and customers have already achieved.

Include earthy tones in your design

Green, teal, blue and neutral tones are all great for an Earth Day email design. Typically, green is most associated with environmental issues, but including a combination of earthy tones is a great way to mix things up and make your design more visually effective.

Share powerful images

A picture speaks a thousand words. Whether it's images of your business actively contributing to conservation efforts, product photos of a new sustainable product line or powerful stock photos, the right image can make the world of difference to your email.

Check out websites such as Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay for access to high quality, license-free stock images to include in your designs. You can also use the image editing tools in Mail Designer 365 to give your images even more emphasis.

Use social media to your advantage

While email is one effective communication channel, you can also use your other social media platforms to continue the conversation online. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are all great platforms for connecting with your customers which can be easily cross promoted in your email campaigns.

Make sure all of your emails contain links to your other social media pages and don't forget to use the #EarthDay hashtag for even more exposure.

Our Favorite Earth Day Email Campaigns

Discover email design inspiration for your Earth Day email campaigns from big name brands. Want more great examples? Check out our "Spring" Pinterest board for even more inspiring seasonal designs.

J Crew

earth day email campaign by j crew

Charitable Earth Day email campaign by J Crew

This powerful campaign by J Crew not only gives back to the Earth by supporting local national parks, it also shares practical tips with readers on how to shop sustainably.


Earth Day email campaign by Jurlique

"Earth Day every day" is the message in this campaign by Jurlique

In their Earth Day campaign, skincare brand Jurlique inform their customers about their efforts to operate sustainably. An eco-friendly free gift promotion also adds an extra element of flair to this email.

P.S. Love the headline effect created in this email? Use Blend Modes in Mail Designer 365 to recreate this cool, natural lettering in your Earth Day campaigns!

Lou & Grey

Earth Day email by Lou & Grey

This pink design by Lou & Grey perfectly incorporates key brand elements into a seasonal promotion

This Earth Day email design by Lou & Grey is another good example of a themed giveaway promotion. Although it's not a typical design for the theme, we love how Lou & Grey have stayed true to their branding and were still able to spread awareness about this important event.


Earth Day email campaign by Adobe

Adobe used this email campaign to celebrate the beauty of planet earth with subscribers.

In this campaign by Adobe Stock, Adobe use powerful imagery to show the beauty of planet earth and promote their dedicated collection of natural images.

Pet Smart

email campaign for Earth Day by Pet Smart

Pet Smart created an email campaign highlighting their most eco-friendly products in honor of Earth Day.

This Earth Day email by Pet Smart showcases some of their top eco-friendly products for customers looking to buy sustainably. The cute dog graphic fits well with the theme and keeps the whole email lighthearted - making the subject matter easier to process and enjoy.


Earth Day email promotion by Leesa

Leesa proves their commitment to sustainability with this informative Earth Day campaign

We love the earthy colors and messaging in this Earth Day email by Leesa. In this campaign, they go the extra mile to show their customers how they are actively working to become more sustainable.

Sharing tips and advice with customers is also a great way for them to use their platform for good.

Create Awesome Earth Day Email Templates in Mail Designer 365

Mail Designer 365 has all the tools and resources you need to create powerful email campaigns this Earth Day. From ready-made HTML email templates to eye-catching sustainability graphics, you can build your next email template in minutes - with a little help from the intuitive drag & drop editor.

mail designer 365 email template for sustainability tips

Share sustainability tips with this eye-catching email template: exclusively available in Mail Designer 365

Not got a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? Start your free trial today and start creating amazing email designs for Earth Day and all year round.

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