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How to pick web-fonts for stunning email newsletters

By 23. February 2016April 12th, 2017

Instead of the same tired web-safe fonts you see in newsletters, Mail Designer Pro offers over 350 font choices that are dynamically loaded so they show up great in modern email clients. Email design has never been more creative. And Email fonts have been more diversified.

How to combine fonts

We asked our design team for some newsletter font-picking tips:

Opposites attract

To really stand out, try picking two distinctive fonts that balance each other out. An example would be pairing a very narrow headline font, e.g. … with something broader and more rounded as a body font.

Font families

For a more subtle look, choose two fonts that from the same font family, e.g. 'Merriweather' and 'Merriweather Sans'. They will complement each other without looking boring.

Find balance

If you're combining two different font families, try to pick fonts with similar proportions.

Discover font-pairings has a great selection of font-pairings that go well together and you can filter by serif/sans-serif/cursive styles as well.

Web-font in email tips

As your fonts are loaded when they're opened in the email app, we recommend only using 2 or 3 web-fonts in each email to keep load times snappy. But don't worry: if a font can't be loaded fast enough, your fallback fonts will be displayed instead:

Happy font-hunting!


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