Mail Designer 365 Version 1.8 Update Guide

By 13. May 2019July 10th, 2019Mail Designer 365 Blog

Hey designers! We've got yet another exciting new app update for you. Keep reading to discover what's new in Mail Designer 365 version 1.8...

Dynamic Design Updates

In this update, we've got an exciting new feature that we hope you won't notice at all at first 😉

We've re-built the way Mail Designer 365 gets Design Ideas. They are now loaded on-demand from This means that app downloads & updates are up to 60% smaller and that we no longer need to ship an entire app update to update a single Design Idea.

Going forward, this also means we can ship new Design Ideas more quickly and make changes for compatibility purposes more easily.

What does this mean for you?

  • Up to 65% smaller app updates, for faster downloads
  • Automatic Design Idea updates with ongoing compatibility improvements
  • Three all-new Business Design Ideas

The first time you launch the new version, Mail Designer will automatically fetch the Design Ideas in the background. From then on, all Design Idea updates will be per-design, and not part of the main app download.

Additional Improvements

We've also made a number of other improvements and bugfixes, including:

  • An issue when cropping Gifs has been fixed
  • tel: Links now have additional class information, to improve compatibility with certain ESPs
  • Updated social media and OpenTable logos
  • An issue with certain characters in email addresses has been fixed
  • Adding new iCloud email accounts now works more reliably
  • An issue with video placeholders in designs has been fixed
  • White or opaque custom graphics you add to Mail Designer's sidebar are now easier to see
  • An issue with certain image effects has been fixed
  • Image placeholders are now rendered correctly in PDF exports

Get involved!

We're also testing out more direct community feedback: You can suggest and upvote features in the new "Feedback" section in the sidebar. No sign-up necessary, you just use your existing Mail Designer 365 account. We'd love to see more ideas being shared or feedback on some of the items we'll be adding – let us know what you think!


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