Font-Mania – Install stylish web-Fonts and use as Headlines

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How much do you think about your web fonts for email design and its overall result?

Are you a big fan of the modest Helvetica font? Or do you prefer a cooler look with Droid Sans?

Regardless of your current preference, Mail Designer Pro makes it possible to realize your own personal style and creativity by offering more than 500 web fonts for your newsletters. Give them a try! You may just end up with a new favourite.

Gimme 500 – Install fonts

Before you use the additional web fonts, you’ll need to install them. To do this, choose a text area in your newsletter layout.

• Select the font type in the text bubble
• Then choose the web font
• Now click on “Download Fonts”

Depending on how good your internet connection is, it could take a while before all the fonts download. However, once downloaded, you now have access to all these delightful fonts for email design.

Ready to go: Font-foxtrot

Now you’re ready to get going!

Use your new web fonts for making creative headlines and teasers. Bear in mind: When you use web fonts in an image area of a layout block, they’ll be directly rendered into the picture. This is exactly the same as when using text objects.

Sometimes, too many choices can make a decision hard. So we have come up with a list of the top 5 web fonts to make it easier for you:
For a cool, delicate handwriting style with flair

…Amatic SC

Create headlines and teasers with a slim, shapely look with


Totally Timeless – a font for forever

…Open Sans or Oswald

You’re sure to get brownie points with your mom, with


A thought-provoking font which is not lacking in character would be…

…Josefin Slab

A litte tip: Remember that initially, pictures in your newsletter are generally blocked and the recipients won’t be able to see them right away. Therefor, it is important to bring your message across clearly in the text blocks. Make sure to use a web-safe font such as Arial or define a web-safe fallback font so that your newsletter style is sure to be seen on any smartphone or computer.

Now, you are ready to create that FONTastic newsletter!

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