Export newsletters with Mail Designer and send via EmailOctopus

Need HTML responsive email templates for EmailOctopus? If you use EmailOctopus to send out your newsletter templates, then you can still use Mail Designer 365, an email creator and email designer software for Mac users, to create your email design. Mail Designer 365’s mail templates give you the flexibility to create beautiful email marketing designs that are compatible with EmailOctopus. Use Mail Designer 365 to create HTML responsive emails for EmailOctopus without breaking a sweat – no HTML and CSS knowledge necessary.

Sending a newsletter – EmailOctopus

Launch your email newsletter templates with EmailOctopus’s email delivery service and enjoy EmailOctopus’s features, including automation, customizable form creator, easy contact information import, high deliverability, and tracking tools. We provide you with our EmailOctopus’s integration guide so you can execute e marketing with ease.

Create and send email newsletters using EmailOctopus

Here’s how to create a newsletter template design for EmailOctopus and reach mail clients with a little help from the the HTML export feature in Mail Designer 365…

Exporting your email templates for EmailOctopus

  • First, design a stunning newsletter :). Use Mail Designer 365 for the easiest way to create HTML templates.
  • Next, choose “Share” > “Website / HTML…” from the menu bar.
  • Enter an image URL prefix where you will be hosting your images.
  • Export your design.

Now, you’ll have a folder with an HTML file and your images. These need to be uploaded to the server hosting your images and to EmailOctopus:

  • Take all the images and upload them to the server location you specified during export
  • Sign in to your account on EmailOctopus and create a new campaign
  • Give your campaign a name and a subject
  • Choose “Totally Plain” as a template
  • Click on “Code View” in the upper left hand corner
  • Copy your HTML code and paste it into the editor

Now, you can choose your recipients and send your email campaigns out with EmailOctopus.

How to send an HTML email campaign via EmailOctopus – made simple!

And that’s how to send out an email using EmailOctopus! Exporting Mail Designer 365’s email templates for EmailOctopus is simple. Now, you can send out your HTML mail design on EmailOctopus.

Give our EmailOctopus integration a go – build your EmailOctopus email template with Mail Designer 365. We hope our walkthrough of creating and sending email campaigns has been helpful. What are you waiting for? Design and send a marketing email through EmailOctopus today. Have an email blast!

We are happy to provide you additional responsive email design services!