Export newsletters with Mail Designer 365 and send via SalesForce 

Need custom HTML responsive email templates for SalesForce? If you use SalesForce to send out your email template, then you can still use Mail Designer 365, an email creator and email designer software for Mac users, to create your email design. Mail Designer 365’s mail templates give you the flexibility to create beautiful email newsletters that are compatible with SalesForce and perfect for your email marketing campaigns. This guide shows you how you can use Mail Designer 365 to create your email design and the export ready to use with the SalesForce online CRM platform – letting you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Create and send email newsletters using SalesForce

Quick note: This guide specifically covers sending email newsletters with SalesForce Classic;  however, if you are using the Lightning version and have email marketing permissions set up, Mail Designer 365 should also be compatible.

Here’s how to create a newsletter template design for SalesForce and reach mail clients with help from the the HTML export feature in Mail Designer 365…

Exporting your email templates for SalesForce:

  • Get started by using the creative tools and design resources in Mail Designer 365 to build an impressive email template using drag and drop. 
  • Once you are satisfied with your design, choose “Share” > “Website / HTML…”
  • Then, enter an image URL prefix for the online server where you will be hosting your images. This is important. You will need this later on so that your images can be located and displayed accurately in your design. 
  • Now you can export your design.
  • Your email design will be saved as a folder containing a content.html file and the other graphic elements of your design.
  • Take all of the images from the folder and upload them to the server location you specified during export.

Finding the email template editor in SalesForce

  • Sign in to your SalesForce account.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Email” > “Email Templates.”
  • Click “New Template.”

Uploading your email template

Step One: For the type of email template, choose “Custom (without using Letterhead.)”

Step Two: Choose a folder to save your email template in, then enter some information about the template.

Step Three: Locate the content.html file from your HTML export. Right click the file, and open it with a text editor such as SubEthaEdit. You can then select and copy the entire code and paste it into the HTML Body area to upload your newsletter. Don’t forget to include a subject line. During this stage, you may also enter “Merge Fields” to determine how your email content is personalized for recipients.

After you have copied the HTML code into your SalesForce email template, you can select preview to check for any mistakes. If you are happy with the preview, you can click “Next” to move on to the next step. If something has gone wrong, retrace your steps. This most likely has something to do with your image prefix. If you are still stuck, get in touch with our support team.

Step Four: Create the text-only version of your email design. Some email clients may not support HTML designs, or some of your recipients may prefer to view their emails text only. For this reason, it’s important to have a text-only version in place. You can choose “Copy text from HTML version” to automatically create the text-only version, or you can enter a new text for this purpose. Click “Save” when done.

You will now be taken to an overview of your email template. Here you can edit your template or carry out a test send by selecting “Send Test and Verify Merge Fields.” Check the box next to “Send email preview to:” and enter your email address. Click “Ok” to send the test email.

How to upload a HTML email template to SalesForce – made simple!

And that’s how to upload your Mail Designer 365 email design to use in SalesForce! We hope our walkthrough of creating and sending email campaigns has been helpful. Now, you can send out your custom HTML mail design without having to worry about manually entering lines of code. Simply create your newsletter using drag and drop and the rest is simple!

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