Export newsletters with Mail Designer 365 and send via Sendy 

Need custom HTML responsive email templates for Sendy? If you use Sendy to send out your email template, then you can still use Mail Designer 365, an email creator and email designer software for Mac users, to create your email design. Mail Designer 365’s mail templates give you the flexibility to create beautiful email newsletters that are compatible with Sendy and perfect for your email marketing campaigns. This guide shows you how you can use Mail Designer 365 to create your email design and the export ready to use with the Sendy ESP – letting you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Create and send email newsletters using Sendy

Here’s how to create a newsletter template design for Sendy and reach mail clients with help from the the HTML export feature in Mail Designer 365…

Exporting your email templates for Sendy:

  • Get started by using the creative tools and design resources in Mail Designer 365 to build an impressive email template using drag and drop. 
  • Once you are satisfied with your design, choose “Share” > “Website / HTML…”
  • Then, enter an image URL prefix for the online server where you will be hosting your images. This is important. You will need this later on so that your images can be located and displayed accurately in your design. 
  • Now you can export your design.
  • Your email design will be saved as a folder containing a content.html file and the other graphic elements of your design.
  • Take all of the images from the folder and upload them to the server location you specified during export.

Finding the email template editor in Sendy

  • Sign in to your SalesForce account.
  • Choose a brand and go to “Campaigns” > “Create new campaign” 

Uploading your email template

Step One: Fill out the basic information for your email campaign (e.g. Title, Subject Line, From Email)

Step Two: In the editor, switch to “Source” mode by clicking the button. Locate the content.html file from your HTML export and open it with a text editor such as SubEthaEdit. Copy the entire code and paste it into the editor.

Step Three: To check your design looks as it should do, click the “Source” button again to get back to the WYSIWYG view. Note: if this appears skewed or incorrect, try viewing the design with the HTML editor instead.

Step Four: If you want to, you can also add in extra HTML elements from Sendy at this stage such as personalization tags, GDPR opt in links, etc.

Step Five: Create a Plain Text version of your email campaign. This is important for customers who can’t receive HTML emails.

Step Six: Lastly, you can choose to turn on click tracking and open tracking. This is a good way to analyse the performance of your email and see what you can improve on in future campaigns.

You can now move on to test and send your campaign via Sendy.

How to upload a HTML email template to Sendy – made simple!

And that’s how to upload your Mail Designer 365 email design to use in Sendy! We hope our walkthrough of creating and sending email campaigns has been helpful. Now, you can send out your custom HTML mail design without having to worry about manually entering lines of code. Simply create your newsletter using drag and drop and the rest is simple!

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