Creating custom email layout blocks for Mail Designer Pro

Email layout made easy!

Mail Designer Pro includes a wide variety of email layout blocks, designed so you can create almost any type of layout.

But if you have HTML and CSS experience, you can get your hands dirty 😉

With Mail Designer Pro, you can create your own custom layout blocks, that you can simply drop into your design.

How to create a custom layout block:

- Choose an existing layout block to use as a template
- Right-click it and choose "Save as…" and save it somewhere
- Open the folder and edit the Content.html
- Edit the preview images to suit your changes
- Drag the entire folder back into Mail Designer Pro's layout block chooser window

Now it'll show up at the bottom of the chooser window in the custom section and you can simply drag it into your designs.

Please note that email clients have very limited support for HTML standards, so please make sure you test your custom layout blocks in a wide variety of email apps to make sure they look correct.

Happy customizing!

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