Say hello to the newest member of your team

Share important company information with co-workers and shareholders 
Send out HR emails / quarterly reports / updates that make a lasting impression
Effortlessly improve your team communications and efficiency

Become the email dream team

Elevate your corporate newsletters

Make your news updates truly stand out with our visually stunning templates and design tools. Share your news and successes internally with colleagues, or externally with clients and shareholders.

Make your emails mobile

Mail Designer 365 automatically creates a mobile friendly version of your design which you can edit separately – allowing your busy co-workers to receive important news and updates in meetings and on the go.

Internal email just became interesting

HTML email made easy. No matter what your skill level is, you can create flawless emails with Mail Designer 365. Thanks to the app’s powerful visual interface, you can easily design emails which people will want to read: including HR updates, shareholder news, and meeting minutes.

Security for corporate information

Keep your company’s information secure with Mail Designer 365. Enter your work email address into the app to directly send important and confidential financial, HR, or sales information to coworkers and shareholders. No third-party send services necessary.

Plans built with corporate teams in mind

Stress free email design

Mail Designer 365 provides you with all of the creative material you need for any email design; allowing you to save time and effort. Our entire creative library is also fully licensed for both creative and commercial ventures.

You’re always our priority

We want to be there for you. Every Mail Designer 365 Premium Business plan includes guaranteed email support within 24 hours (Mo-Fr.) Perfect if you hit a bump in the road whilst sending time sensitive information.

 Joint billing for multiple plans

Save your manager the headache of multiple invoices to sign off on. With  Mail Designer 365 for Teams, you can quickly assign plans to colleagues and have one single joint invoice for your whole team.

A little goes a long way

From just $15 a month per plan, you can give your entire team the workflow makeover it’s been waiting for. Improve efficiency, speed up the feedback process, and boost your team’s output.

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For OS X 10.11 or later, including macOS Mojave