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NEW Mail Designer 365 for Teams

Simplify your team workflow

Work better, together! Mail Designer 365’s brand new Teams feature allows you to easily set up an online team for your business which you can conveniently manage via your my.maildesigner365 portal. Use Teams to purchase and assign multiple Mail Designer 365 Business plans to your co-workers all in one place. Once you've assigned your plans, you can get started on your designs and insert comments and feedback for your fellow designers directly in your Mail Designer 365 template. Create todos and share your document with team members to get their ideas and input too. Collaborative workflow has never been this simple!

Set up a team


Benefits of the Teams Feature

Clear and user-friendly overview

Save time. Quickly and easily manage all of your Mail Designer 365 Business plans in one convenient place. Purchase plans and assign them to co-workers.

NEW › Teams tab in the my.maildesigner365 portal
NEW › Purchase and assign plans for your team

Something for everyone

Invite admins, designers, and regular members to your team. With Teams, you will receive one invoice at the end of each billing period for your team.

NEW › Permissions and plans for every level
NEW › Joint billing for easier accounting

Teamwork tools to simplify your email workflow

You can use the all new Teamwork feature to attach feedback and comments to specific design elements, assign your team newsletter todos, and share your design with team members to get their feedback. Team workflow made easy with Mail Designer 365.

NEW › Tag your team members in comments
NEW › Assign todos for newsletter tasks

Want to set up Teams for your business? Here's how:

How to set up Teams

  1. Sign into
  2. Create a new team in the "Teams" tab
  3. Add your billing information

Now you're ready to start adding members and assigning plans! (Learn more.)

Get started

Set up a team
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