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Keep your business up and running during a crisis
with Mail Designer 365

With countries all over the world requiring people to stay at home, the Mail Designer 365 Team is committed to helping remote teams everywhere keep in contact and continue to produce effective email campaigns from home.

Rest assured that we continue to offer full support to our customers and have taken key steps to increase our support capacity.

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Remote Teams

Optimize your team's work from home email strategy - with Mail Designer 365 Approval.

Let everyone in the team take part in your email creation workflow: On any device, on the go, for all team members.

Use Mail Designer 365 Approval to share design drafts with your team. The web-based platform allows you to receive comments and feedback from team members and approve or decline design drafts.
When you’re building a newsletter or email, you often need to collect input and feedback from lots of different team-members, using a variety of devices and platforms.
With Mail Designer 365 Approval, your design is shared on the web. Team-members can preview and comment on the design remotely from their home office, on the go on their smartphone, or right there in the office, so you can update it until it’s right.

Small Businesses

The following resources are great for small businesses making the important transition from a physical store to an online business due to the current situation...

small business tools

Best Online Tools to Help Your Small Business Survive the Coronavirus Crisis
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email design for beginners

Beginner’s Guide to Email Design in Mail Designer 365
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email design best practice guide

Mail Designer 365 Best Practice Guide
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Mail Designer 365 helps small businesses in every industry to get online:

Below are just a few examples of the email marketing tools and resources Mail Designer 365 provides small businesses looking to get online...

Email Marketing Resources for Restaurant Owners

Mail Designer 365 email template for restaurant owners

Email Marketing Resources for Salon Owners

Mail Designer 365 email template for salon owners

Email Marketing Resources for Cake Stores & Bakeries

Bakery email template in Mail Designer 365

Email Marketing Resources for Florists & Garden Stores

Flower shop email template in Mail Designer 365

Larger Businesses

The following resources are helpful for larger email teams that need to adapt their email strategy for the ongoing crisis...

email marketing crisis strategy

Adapting Your Email Marketing Strategy in a Crisis - Our Top Tips
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business communication coronavirus

Business Communication Tips During the Coronavirus Crisis
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email marketing remote teams

Email Marketing for Remote Teams – Our Tips
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email marketing remote teams

Internal Emails in the Coronavirus Crisis

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Version History

Looking for the latest updates?

In our release notes, you can find a detailed list of all the latest features, bug fixes and improvements for every Mail Designer 365 update.

More Resources

The following resources help pros and beginners alike effectively use Mail Designer 365 to build amazing email designs...

Mail Designer 365 Manual - Step-by-step tutorials and tips for using Mail Designer 365

Newsletter Academy - Discover in depth articles with email marketing tips, inspiration and best practice guides

Video Tutorials - Get to know Mail Designer 365 through informative video tutorials

Support & FAQs - Your first stop for questions and queries about the Mail Designer 365 service

Export Guides - Learn how to export your Mail Designer 365 design for other email service providers

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