Creating transparent background effects



Here is the background mode view:

Notice the bottom left icon is blue for the background mode view:

In the layout view, you may have noticed that there text areas are still white:

Select the area where you want a transparent background:

Now, click “Delete Background” on the right side of the screen, or from the right click menu:

The background will now be transparent:

Now, let’s say you click “Delete Background” but your text area is still somehow white.

In text areas, you can actually select 3 areas to edit your background.

When you click the text field area, it will only select the text field area where you can type your message:

If you click the padding area, it will select both the text field area and the padding area.

When you click the outer area, it will select the entire text area (text field, padding, and outer areas will be selected):

Quick recap of where to click and what will be selected:




If you have set a background for all the different areas within a text block, you will need to click “Delete Background” for all areas.

First, select the padding area, then click “Delete Background.”

A closer look of what happens what gets selected when you click the padding area:



Then, select the outer area. When you select the outer area, click “Delete Background.”

A closer look of what happens what gets selected when you click the outer area:


After you delete the background of both the padding area and the outer area, then the text area should now look transparent:

Also check…

Check if you have set a separate background for your different layout blocks that is different from your email background. Just click on the background mode icon at the bottom:

Then, in the background mode view, you will be able to see if you have a different background for your content:

Just click the content area:

Then, click “Delete Background.”

Click on the bottom left icon to return to the layout mode view:



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