Configuring a GMX account

With Mail Designer 365 you can quickly send email designs via your own email address. This is a great way to send your email newsletters to colleagues or other contacts. Configuring your GMX account for sending is super straightforward.

Once you are happy with your design, make sure you have saved your work, then head to “Mail Designer 365” > “Preferences” > “Mail Accounts.”

Click on the + sign to add a new email account.

Select GMX from the list of email providers.

You can now enter your GMX account details (email address, password, etc.) into the fields provided. To make things easier, Mail Designer 365 automatically recognizes the required settings for GMX accounts.

To send your design using your newly configured GMX address, click on the airplane send icon and choose “Send email”:

Enter the email addresses of your recipients in the “To” box. Next to the “From” box, click on the arrow to select your email address from the dropdown list:

Click “Send” when you are ready.

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