Embed your MP4 videos directly via Dropbox onto your email designs with Mail Designer 2

Want to add a special element to your emails? Let equinux's Mail Designer help!

Not only can you add graphical elements and GIF animations, you can also link to video clips on YouTube and Vimeo or even embed your own MP4 videos directly from Dropbox.

Mail Designer 2 offers 2 ways to include videos in your email designs or newsletters:

You can add YouTube or Vimeo links into your emails. Or you can embed an mpeg4 video from an external video URL link. It is playable directly from the email.

Here's how:

Choose your image area from the designs. Then, drag a video placeholder onto it. We have already put a video into a public folder into Dropbox. Now, just copy the Dropbox link and paste it into the URL field. You can also choose a thumbnail picture.

The email recipient can view this video directly in their email as long as their email client supports this feature.

Are you ready to ember your own MP4 Videos?

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