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Email Marketing in a Crisis: How to Adapt Your Strategy

By | Newsletter Academy Mail Designer 365 EN

As an email marketer, your role is to create relevant and interesting email content for subscribers. This usually involves vast amounts of advance planning. However, when it comes to email marketing in a crisis, you’re forced to forget the content marketing calendar and instead, need to think on your feet.

The ongoing Coronavirus crisis has left many firms now drastically rethinking their content marketing strategy. Here is our best advice on how you can effectively adapt your email marketing strategy during the ongoing coronavirus crisis and avoid alienating your customers

In times of crisis, it’s often necessary to ditch the content calendar and start adapting your email marketing strategy.

Adapting email marketing campaigns in a crisis

When crisis strikes, your business needs to be ready to react in a calm and collected manner. Here’s how you can get started with adapting your email marketing strategy.

Identify campaigns which are no longer appropriate

As many businesses plan their promotional content and email campaigns weeks (if not months) in advance, it’s impossible to know what is coming in the future.

In the event of a crisis, it’s important for your marketing team to be flexible and be able to rethink their entire content marketing plan.

Look over the upcoming promotions you have scheduled and determine which are still appropriate. Here are some key things to look out for:

  • Messaging – Does the message fit the current mood amongst your target audience?
  • Context – Does the context of the campaign still apply during the crisis?
  • Availability – Is the product or service being promoted still available in the crisis?
  • Achievability – Is the main goal of the campaign still achievable?

The campaign is not appropriate at this time:

If you’ve decided not to go ahead with a campaign, you have two options:

  1. Postpone or
  2. Axe the campaign

Generally speaking, you should only need to axe a campaign if it is time-sensitive or based on a particular seasonal event; meaning it would not make sense at another point in time. Otherwise, you should be able to postpone it for a future date and run the campaign once the crisis is over.

The campaign can go ahead:

If you have decided a promotion can still go ahead, you may still need to adapt the email campaign to take the current crisis situation into account. In particular, you should think about adjusting your messaging to reflect what is happening.

Try and integrate themes like solidarity, sticking together and community in to your email copy, so that your readers know you care and that they are not alone. This Mother’s Day campaign by Virgin Experience Days is a good example of how to adapt a planned seasonal campaign to be more respectful of the current situation:

Example email during a crisis by Virgin Experience Days

Adapting the message of a pre-planned email campaign during a crisis is an effective way to show solidarity.

Flowchart: Should my campaign go ahead?

Flowchart for when to adapt email marketing strategy in a crisis

More tips for email marketing in a crisis

As well as adapting existing campaigns, it is also important to be reactive and come up with new content to suit the current circumstances. Here are some ideas of ways your business can produce effective email content during a crisis

Release a statement

In times of crisis, your words are important. Although you don’t want to add to the panic, it’s important to also acknowledge the current situation, so that your business doesn’t come across as insensitive or tone deaf.

In this instance, carrying on as normal is not the best strategy. In fact, it could lead to you alienating many of your customers as they cannot relate to your content.

Releasing a statement about the crisis is one way to show your customers you are aware of what is happening. It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate what your business is doing to help. Here are a few examples of effective company statements which have been sent out during the current Coronavirus crisis.


Coronavirus crisis statement from ASOSReebok:

Coronavirus crisis statement from Reebok


Coronavirus crisis update from Superdry

Focus on supporting the community

Businesses such as yours are a big part of the community, whether locally in your town or city, or online amongst your customers. For this reason, you should try where possible to use your email campaigns to show support for your community.

Think of ways – big or small – that your business can help out during the crisis. Then, use email to spread the word to subscribers.

This thank you message by Morrisons is a thoughtful way to show support and reassure customers during difficult times:

Using email marketing to support the community in a crisis

This email was followed up by a second email, showing how the business is helping the community.

Crisis email by Morrisons giving back to the community

Create relevant and useful content

Circumstances change massively during periods of crisis. The current emphasis during the COVID 19 crisis is on minimising contact with others. This makes it difficult for many businesses to find ways to keep their content relevant.

In this email by restaurant chain Giraffe, the focus is changed to home delivery rather than visiting the restaurant. This is just one example of how your business can still continue creating promotional content which is relevant to your target audience.

Email campaign by Giraffe adapted for the COVID 19 crisis

Changing the focus of your email campaign to represent the current situation is an effective and more appropriate response to a crisis.

Similarly, in another example by Rent the Runway, the fashion brand concentrate on promoting clothing for home office – which is a highly relevant topic at present.

Although this may not seem like a super serious topic to cover during a crisis, it does help to provide customers with interesting content that serves a useful purpose.

Home office email by Rent the Runway

No matter what your business specialises in, there’s bound to be a way you can provide relevant email content during a crisis.

In this last example sent out recently in response to the Coronavirus crisis, department store Selfridges are using email to promote fun, nostalgic activities to do indoors.

This example shows how, during a crisis, a little bit of creativity goes a long way and helps cast some light on an otherwise dark and depressing situation.

Email campaign sent by Selfridges during the Coronavirus crisis

Be creative and find products to feature which will suit your customers’ circumstances during the crisis.

Using Mail Designer 365 to create emails to send in a crisis

Hopefully these tips will prove useful while you are adapting your email marketing strategy for the Coronavirus crisis.

Key takeaways from this article:

  • Reassess all planned content to determine whether it is still appropriate.
  • Adapt the messaging of your existing email campaigns to suit the current climate.
  • Send emails to update your customers and other stakeholders during a crisis.
  • Create new, useful email content which is relevant for your target audience.

If you need to adapt your email strategy for this crisis, why not check out Mail Designer 365? With a range of customisable HTML email templates, including crisis communication emails, you have everything you need to continue your email marketing in a crisis.

Email template to update customers about the coronavirus crisis

Email template to update customers about the coronavirus crisis

Sign up for free today to get started.

Until next time,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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Business Communication Tips During the Coronavirus Crisis

By | Newsletter Academy Mail Designer 365 EN

Sometimes events can occur that force your usual business schedule to grind to a halt. During these periods, it’s critical that you continue to communicate with and reassure your customers. Here’s how to use email to keep your customers informed of your business’s activity during the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus crisis email template for businesses

Now is the time to send an email to customers to keep them informed during the corona virus crisis.

Business Communication During the Coronavirus Crisis

While your business can’t be prepared for everything, it’s good to have a contingency plan in place for when crisis hits. Here are 5 effective measures your business can take to keep things going during the coronavirus crisis, plus two email templates you can use to keep your customers informed.

1. Update your opening hours

If, like many businesses around the world, you have had to make drastic changes to your opening hours due to the coronavirus, this should be the first thing you communicate.

Update your opening hours on your website and any other locations on the internet where they may be listed, such as:

  • Twitter,
  • Google my Business,
  • Facebook

This small act will prevent confusion and keep both new and existing customers up to date during the crisis.

2. Increase your support capacity

In times of crisis, your customers will no doubt have increased questions and concerns. Naturally, this will also see a rise in the number of support emails and calls you receive.

Be proactive and make sure you have enough support staff available to deal with the increased demand. Team members working from home can also get involved if you need extra help.

To take the pressure off, you could also consider creating an automated email template to reassure customers that you will be getting back to them as soon as possible.

3. Put together a list of FAQs

Think about which of your business activities (e.g. delivery times, services, opening hours, stock availability) will be affected by the coronavirus and briefly summarize the answers on a dedicated FAQ page on your website.

This will help your customers find the information they require faster, while also reducing the strain on your support team.

Tip: Provide a temporary link to this page on the support area of your website to help answer common support queries before your inbox and phone lines become overloaded.

4. Promote your online store

If you’ve had to close your physical store due to the coronavirus crisis, you may be worrying about your sales and how this will negatively impact your sales.

Use the crisis as a way to promote your online store to customers. In the same way that you are concerned about not making sales, customers will be frustrated they can’t visit your store.

Direct customers to your website and let them know they can carry out all of their purchases there.

Tip: If you are expecting a large influx of traffic to your online store or a lot of deliveries to organize, be sure that your systems are prepared for this.

5. Reach out to your customers via email

Once the necessary adjustments have been made and you have a plan of action, communicate this to your customers as soon as possible. The easiest and most direct way to keep customers updated is via email. 

Quick tips for your email communication for the coronavirus crisis:

  • Use the appropriate tone. This is a worrying time for many. Stay calm and make sure you aren’t adding to the panic, but at the same time, remember to keep the tone serious and sincere.
  • Get straight to the point. Too much text will confuse and overwhelm your customers and you want the information to be as clear as possible.
  • Keep images to a minimum. The aim of this email is to inform. Forget your usual email marketing techniques and only use images which are absolutely necessary (e.g. explanatory screenshots.)
  • Include key links and information. This email needs to be the source of all important information. Include links to your FAQs and store, as well as your new opening hours and contact details.

How to create a crisis communication email for your business

We’ve created two new crisis communication email templates suitable for keeping your customers up to date during the corona virus crisis:

Email template to update customers about the coronavirus crisis

Email template to update customers about the coronavirus crisis

These templates are ready and available to edit now in Mail Designer 365. Simply update the messaging to fit your business and send to your entire mailing list to keep them informed.

We hope you have found these tips helpful. Remember to keep calm and work proactively. The crisis won’t last forever and your customers will appreciate you keeping them informed. If you want to use one of the above templates, sign up to Mail Designer 365 free to get started today.

Until next time,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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NEW: Spring Design Ideas

By | Mail Designer 365 Blog

Spring is here and to celebrate, we’ve created four brand new, spring-themed Design Ideas for you to use in your new season email campaigns. Whether an exciting spring promotion, a seasonal sale, or just a simple Easter greeting, there’s an email template for every use case.

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Easter Email Campaign: How to Egg-cel at Email Marketing this Easter

By | Newsletter Academy Mail Designer 365 EN

As one of the biggest holidays of the year, Easter creates the perfect opportunity for your business to do something special. Creating an Easter email campaign is one great way in which you can get involved in the seasonal fun this year.

Designing an email template to use for your Easter email campaign is super fun, but with so many businesses competing, you want to make sure your campaign stands out to your customers.

Here are some of our top tips how you can egg-cel (we think we’re funny) at email marketing this Easter season, plus some awesome examples of previous Easter campaigns…

Tips for Your Easter Email Campaign

Try out a new color scheme

With Easter falling in the middle of spring, it’s fun to change things up in your email design and opt for a bright, fresh new color scheme.

Typically, pastel colors are popular at this time of the year and really give your design a springtime feeling. Experiment with different background colors, or just a subtle pop of color in your headline or CTA (call-to-action) buttons.

Bright orange and yellow tones are also typical in many Easter-themed designs. Again, if you want to keep things simple, you can use these colors as an eye-catcher to help highlight important aspects in your design.

Yellow and orange Easter email campaign by J Crew

J Crew go all out with colors in this bold Easter-themed design.

Easter email design by B + C

This design by B + C shop keeps it more simple and uses yellow to highlight headlines and important text.

Include typical Easter themes

Lambs, the Easter Bunny, small chicks, Easter eggs, etc; these are all traditionally associated with the start of spring and the Easter celebration. Incorporating some of these symbols into your email design will help make the Easter theme clear from the get go.

Easter email by Sunuva

Sunuva use a sweet bunny/Easter egg combination as their feature image in this Easter email campaign.

Tip: Check out Unsplash to find a huge range of license-free stock images to use in seasonal email designs. Mail Designer 365 offers direct Unsplash integration in the app, so you can browse our curated collection, or use the search feature to find exactly what you need:

Searching for Easter stock images in Unsplash

Use Unsplash integration in Mail Designer 365 to search for relevant images to use in your Easter email campaign

Hold a sale

Spring is a very transitional time, which makes Easter a great occasion to hold a new season sale or special promotion. Send out an email campaign promoting your latest products, so customers are prepared for the new season.

Of course, a regular X% off sale is also always effective – especially during a special occasion.

Sales such as this work particularly well for fashion brands, furniture retailers, and consumer goods businesses, where stock is frequently being updated.

Easter email campaign by Oasis

Oasis use Easter as the perfect excuse to hold a new season promotion.

Promote family activities

As well as many school holidays taking place around this time, bank holidays also often fall around Easter. This makes it a great occasion for service- or activity-based businesses to profit from.

Use your Easter email campaign to promote fun activities that the whole family can do together and get customers inspired.

Try putting together a holiday activity guide or suggesting some top travel locations for the time of year. Helping customers come up with creative ways to keep their kids entertained over the holidays is always a big win.

Trainline's travel-themed Easter email campaign

Trainline sent out this email campaign to give customers ideas of things to do over Easter.

More Examples of Easter Email Campaigns

Here are some more awesome Easter email campaigns that demonstrate these best practice tips…

New Look

In this colorful email design, New Look include some fun pastel tones to compliment their Easter promotion:

Easter promotion by New Look


Packlane also use a seasonal shade of pastel blue in the background. The calendar date at the bottom of the design is also a smart way to remind customers of the upcoming holiday and create a subtle sense of urgency.

Packlane's Easter email campaign


This bold design by NOW TV contains a classic Easter egg graphic to make things seasonal. In addition, it also stays relevant by providing a suggestion of something to do over the holiday weekend.

NOW TV Easter email campaign


This sweet Easter email campaign by Hobbycraft simply focuses on wishing all subscribers a Happy Easter. The pop of yellow in the center graphic is also bang on trend for the occasion.

Happy Easter message by Hobbycraft

Fortnum & Mason

What would Easter be without some delicious chocolate? This Easter egg buying guide by Fortnum & Mason incorporates all the right colors and seasonal imagery, while also showcasing their top products.

Easter egg buying guide by Fortnum & Mason

Build Your Easter Email Campaign in Mail Designer 365

We hope these egg-cellent Easter emails have helped you get inspired. Here’s how to get started with an Easter email campaign of your own:

  1. Use the creative tools in Mail Designer 365 App for Mac to create an awesome Easter email template.
  2. Upload your design to Mail Designer 365 Approval to share with colleagues and fellow designers.
  3. Export your template to use with your ESP of choice. (Here’s a list of all of our ESP export guides.)

Don’t have a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? Sign up free today to start building email templates for Easter and all year round!

Until next time,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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Best International Women’s Day Email Campaigns

By | Newsletter Academy Mail Designer 365 EN

Creating an International Women’s Day email campaign is a great way for your business to show customers that you care about women’s rights. As it’s such an important occasion, it’s crucial that you get the messaging and design of your campaign right.

Here are some useful tips and examples to help you get started with your International Women’s Day email campaign.

What is International Women’s Day?

Before you start coming up with a concept, it’s always good practice to read around the topic. Not only does this help you to better understand the event, it also gives you further inspiration for your campaign.

International Women’s Day takes place each year on 8th March and dates back to the early 1900s. It celebrates the achievements of women and emphasises the importance of gender equality.

The day has massive global significance and is celebrated all around the world. In some countries (including China and Vietnam), the day is a national holiday, whereas in others, it is seen as a day of formal observance.

Traditions vary from gift giving, or charity events, etc. and in recent years, the day has become a huge trend on social media.

Tips for your Women’s Day Email Campaign

Make the theme clear from the get go

Celebrate the day confidently and introduce the topic in your email straight away. Include the term “International Women’s Day” in your subject line so interested readers know they should open your email.

Use a large, central headline to deliver your campaign message. This shows readers that you’re not shy about celebrating women and makes the day the main focus of your email.

Use bold imagery

A picture speaks a thousand words, so use powerful imagery to celebrate strong women. A unique feature image is an effective way to get your message across to your customers and can also be super motivational.

Your feature image could be a colorful illustration, a poignant photo, or a text-based design. Whatever you opt for, position it centrally to ensure it steals the show in your email design.

Here are some uplifting examples:

Marketing campaign by Gucci for International Women's Day

Gucci uses simple, text-based graphics in this marketing campaign for International Women’s Day

Barcelona City Council Women's Day artwork

Unique campaign artwork by Violeta Noy for Barcelona City Council

International Women's Day campaign by Tinder

Tinder showcased women in a variety of professions in this Women’s Day campaign

International Women's Day campaign by Facebook

This abstract artwork by Facebook celebrates women supporting each other.

Celebrate with a promotion

A promotion or special offer is a great way to show that your brand is fully behind the cause. Aside from the regular sale or X% off, you could also think about doing something outside of the box.

Launching a special edition product or holding an event and donating your profits to charity are both good ways to support the cause.

Have fun

As the old saying goes, “girls just wanna have fun!” If appropriate for your brand, try to include some fun elements to your campaign. This could be bright colors, a fun font, or witty email copy.

This is a positive celebration. Use bold, bright colors like pink, yellow, orange, etc. to bring a celebratory feel to your design.

Remember the cause

This is your company’s chance to show that equal rights are important to you. Remember that the day is about celebrating the achievements of women, and try to include this in your campaign.

Think about how you and your business can celebrate female success and ensure this is reflected in your email’s message. Try showcasing some successful women connected to your industry as a way of recognizing their achievements.

8 Examples of International Women’s Day Emails

These email campaign examples perfectly illustrate how to celebrate International Women’s Day the right way…


International Women's Day campaign by Nike

Nike used their email campaign to showcase inspirational women in sport.


Aerie's International Women's Day campaign in 2019

This powerful design by Aerie is a motivational message for International Women’s Day.


Women's Day email campaign by Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip use a fun GIF in their email design to share their important message.

Cost Plus World Market

International Women's Day email by Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus share stories of successful women in the food industry.


Women's Day campaign by Anthropologie

This campaign by Anthropologie focuses on a specially launched collection.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal's International Women's Day email

This bold, pink design by Nasty Gal offers a generous discount for International Women’s Day.

American Eagle

International Women's Day email template by American Eagle

This template also features a vibrant GIF to spread positivity.


Mango Women's Day email campaign

The large headline in this refined design by Mango makes it clear what is being celebrated.

How to get started

  1. Design your International Women’s Day email using the creative tools in the Mail Designer 365 App for Mac
  2. Upload your email to Mail Designer 365 Approval to get feedback from your coworkers
  3. Export your email design and send to your subscribers via your preferred email service provider

International Women's Day campaign made in Mail Designer 365Not got a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? No problem! Sign up today for free to test the Mail Designer workflow and create powerful email designs for International Women’s Day.

Until next time,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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How to Create an Automated Birthday Email

By | Newsletter Academy Mail Designer 365 EN

Who doesn’t love a birthday? When it comes to thinking of ideas of how to improve your email strategy, an automated birthday email can be a great addition. Not only is the birthday theme super versatile, it’s also a great way to help you engage with your subscribers.

Here are some of our very best tips and ideas for automated birthday emails, plus 5 awesome examples of happy birthday email designs…

Best practice tips for automated birthday emails

Get the party started in the subject line: If it’s your customer’s birthday, they’ll be in the mood to celebrate. Mention their birthday in the subject line to capture the reader’s attention and see better open rates.

Happy Birthday email subject by Rent the Runway

This subject line by Rent the Runway gets attention straight away by creating an element of mystery.

Use personalisation: You want to make your customer feel special on their big day and addressing them by name is one great way to do this. It also makes your email feel less generic and more like exclusive content just for them.

Offer a birthday gift: Who doesn’t love receiving something nice on their birthday? Include a treat in your email; whether it’s money off, a free gift, or a special offer, it’s bound to make your customer smile.

Birthday email by Subway

In this birthday email, Subway offer a free sweet treat to the lucky customer.

Make the design fun: Birthdays are all about having a good time. Let your email design set the tone by using fun, birthday-style imagery like balloons, cakes and presents. You could also try to integrate color and a fun font to make things even more exciting.

Here are some examples from big name brands to help get you inspired…

Awesome automated birthday email design examples


Birchbox happy birthday email designBirchbox turn heads with this fun, pastel green design. The gold gift box and confetti add excitement, and the choice of a big, bold, centred font for the special offer helps hook in the reader straight away.


Happy birthday email promotion by GiraffeThis email by Giraffe sets the party theme straight away. The promotion couldn’t be made any clearer in the design, and overall, it’s a smart way to get customers into the restaurant to celebrate their birthday.


Customer birthday email by JournelleJournelle uses a simple, yet stylish design to wish their customers a happy birthday. The email layout itself looks like a birthday card, while the use of personalisation also helps give it that extra special touch.

Dorothy Perkins

Birthday email by Dorothy PerkinsNot only does the cupcake in this design by Dorothy Perkins look super tasty, it’s also a great eye-catcher. Thanks to bold call-to-action buttons, a clear discount, and the use of a handwriting style font, this design is a gift that doesn’t disappoint.

American Apparel

This abstract, confetti-style design by American Apparel is a bold and unique take on the automated birthday email. Choosing to celebrate the customer’s half birthday is a clever technique which many companies wouldn’t think of.

How to get started with your automated birthday email

  1. Build your birthday-themed template using the tools in Mail Designer 365
  2. Export your design to use with your preferred email service provider
  3. Make sure there is a birthday field set up in your ESP and start your automated birthday email

P.S. Don’t have a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? Sign up today to test Mail Designer 365 for free and see what you can achieve.

Until next time,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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How to Create an Email Campaign: Our 7 Step Workflow

By | Newsletter Academy Mail Designer 365 EN

Just starting out with email marketing, or want to improve your existing strategy? Building an email campaign to be proud of is hard work, but having a solid workflow in place definitely makes things easier. In this guide, we’re sharing our 7 step workflow on how to create an email campaign.

This is our tried and tested method for creating effective email campaigns. To help you follow along on your next campaign, we’ve included a free downloadable email campaign checklist. This way you’ll be sure not to miss out on any key steps.

Download the PDF email campaign checklist here to follow along with this 7 step guide…

How to Create an Email Campaign

Step One: Idea Generation

Finding a concept for your campaign is where it all begins. There are plenty of places you can look to for inspiration; including your marketing calendar, Pinterest, Milled, Really Good Emails, etc. just to name a few. Find an idea you like and try to adapt it for your business.

It’s also crucial to consult with your sales team and management for ideas. Do you have any new product releases coming up, or are you planning a sale or promotion? Is there a particular product which needs an extra sales boost? These could all be a great basis for a campaign.

Idea generation is the first step of how to create an email campaign

Researching ideas and sitting down with your team can help you come up with a concept for the campaign.

Remember during this stage it’s also important to consider who you are planning on sending the email to. This helps you plan a segmented campaign around the needs of your target group. 

Step Two: Template Creation

Once you are clear on the concept of your campaign, you can start creating your template. Mail Designer 365 makes this super easy, as you have all the tools you need and don’t require any extra coding knowledge.

The key to a good email design is pairing a healthy balance of image and text with a clear CTA (call-to-action) which takes readers directly to the appropriate landing page.

During the deign stage, you will also need to think about branding and legal requirements (i.e. logo, disclaimers, unsubscribe link, copyright text, etc.) It’s also a good idea to set up Google Analytics tracking to help you evaluate the success of the campaign later on.

Step Three: Mobile Optimization

Making your design look good for mobile devices matters. Today, more and more of us use our smartphones to skim through our emails. If your template isn’t mobile optimized, you are neglecting a large percentage of your readers.

Use this stage to test how your design looks and works on mobile devices. Mail Designer 365 automatically creates a mobile responsive version of all designs. Use the smartphone view to make any necessary adjustments and then preview your mobile optimized design on a range of devices.

Mobile optimized template for an email campaign

Making sure your template also works on mobile is critical to the success of your campaign.

Step Four: Team Feedback 

Once you’re happy with your first draft, it’s time to get some input from your team. Consulting colleagues and team members is always a good idea, as often they will have constructive ideas of how to improve the template for the campaign.

Moreover, sharing your design with others is a good way to spot any minor errors which you may have missed yourself.

Use Mail Designer 365 Approval to get feedback from your team on your email campaign

Feedback and discussion is an important part of the email campaign workflow.

Tip: Mail Designer 365 Approval is a quick and efficient way to gather design feedback from your whole team.

Step Five: Final Checks

After everyone has given their feedback, you can carry out the final checks on your template. This stage is critical, as you need to be confident that there are no issues with your template before it is sent out to customers.

During this stage, you should check all links are working, as well as proofreading for syntax errors or spelling mistakes.

Step Six: Upload to ESP

Now your design is ready, you can prepare the campaign in your ESP or chosen sending method. Here you will select your target group(s) and give your campaign a name for easy reference later on.

At this point, you will also have the chance to send yourself a test version of your campaign to make sure everything looks as it should. Be sure to check how your email looks on both desktop and mobile. You should also ensure the “from” address and subject line look good, as this is the first impression your customer will receive.

Built your design in Mail Designer 365? You can find all of our step-by-step integration guides here. These will show you exactly how to upload your template to use with your chosen ESP.

Uploading the template to Mailchimp to continue the email campaign

Upload or export your finished template to your ESP to use with your email campaign.

Step Seven: Performance Evaluation

You’ve built and sent your campaign, but the job isn’t done just yet. Analysing your campaign’s performance is crucial to improving your strategy for future email campaigns.

Use this opportunity to evaluate the success of your campaign. Take into account open rates, CTA clicks, sales/traffic generated, etc. to see what went well and what could be improved. Then, make a note of these findings for your next campaign.

Free Email Campaign Checklist

We hope you have found this workflow of how to create an email campaign useful.

We want to see you succeed, which is why we’ve put together a checklist of all the important things to remember during the seven step process. Download the checklist here and carry out all the steps in Mail Designer 365 and your ESP.

Don’t have a Mail Designer 365 plan yet? Start your no-strings-attached free trial today to see how Mail Designer 365 can help your email campaign workflow.

Until next time,

Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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